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Credit: Instagram @caradelebabes

When the warm weather rolls around, finding a hair solution can withstand the raging humidity and look chic in the heat is a challenge. Pulling it up into a ponytail or a chic low bun is an easy route, but if wearing your hair down is your thing take your cue for Cara Delevingne’s undercut braid.

Credit: Instagram @caradelebabes
Catching a flight at LAX, Delevingne revived the faux-undercut, side braid. The actress teamed her side braid with a casual bomber jacket, further proving the all-occasion versatility of the mono boxer braid, having first debuted it on the Met Gala red carpet in 2013. Offering us pre-emptive strike against looming summer frizz, copy Cara by starting your braid the front and taking it all the way around to the nape of your neck for maximum expose to stolen summer breezes come December.

VIDEO CREDIT: E Michael Wolf @shootcreative