Credit: Instagram @caradelevingne

Just 11 days in, President Donald Trump has been the source of much anger, anxiety, regret and sheer disbelief. And amid his planned visit to meet Queen Elizabeth II, demonstrations took place across the UK on Monday. Now, after a petition calling for Trump’s invite to be scrapped attracted over 1.6 million signatures, members of the UK parliament will now hold a debate on February 20 on whether this is in fact a feasible option.   

Cara Delevingne reposted a peek into the British parliament whereby politicians used Trump’s highly controversial and backward Muslim ban as a moral means to retract his visit. Trump’s executive order of course imposes a 90 day ban on people from seven Muslim-majority nations entering the United States. Delevingne has been very vocal about her anti-Trump stance but perhaps this video resonates a little harder than others as politicians emotionally argue against the “wretched, bigoted man”. Take a look.

The model – who has hinted to be releasing an anti-Trump project with @funnyordie – was joined by a slew of celebrities speaking out against the Muslim ban. Perhaps Michael Moore’s was most prevalent as he apologised to the Muslim community in one sad tweet. “To our Muslim neighbours in the world: I & tens of millions of others are so very sorry. The majority of Americans did not vote 4 this man,” he wrote.


James Corden pre-recorded a video to broadcast before his Tuesday night episode. Titled “Post-Ban Trip Through LAX”, it showed Corden moving through customs at LAX airport. At the end of the video, a message read: “Today, James flew out of Los Angeles. So all of our shows this week have been pre-taped. Freedom of movement should be this easy for all legal immigrants. Not just the white and Christian ones.”