Cara Delevingne. Model. Actress. Author. Revolutionary.

Leading Dior’s skin army, the talented Delevingne fronts the Capture Youth campaign with that classic Cara charm. Strong, magnetic, captivating; Delevingne is a woman who expresses herself confidently and boldly; with rock ‘n’ rock sensibilities and that intangible savoir-faire, she is sublime, spontaneous and spunky in equal measure.

Shot by New Yorker, Cass Bird, Delevingne is bare-breasted, draped in Dior leather, with those iconic Dior briefs and J’Adior sling-backs on. A contemporary beauty – she is the picture perfect embodiment of Capture Youth – Dior’s new skincare range designed for a generation for whom luxury is synonymous with efficacy. This is for the girls who don’t have time to wait for results, who want it now, and want it all.

And just like Cara dances through life to her own beat, Dior are rewriting the codes of skincare with Capture Youth.

A trailblazer in the war against ageing; Cara and Dior are part of the (WO)MANIFESTO: your time is now to capture youth.