It was the apt location to usher in the latest collaboration from Nasty Gal. Drawing from its glitzy, champagne-drenched, celebrity trodden history,  The Box in London’s bustling SoHo district was alit last week with influencers and press as Cara Delevingne introduced the forthcoming holiday collection. Her outfit of choice, expectedly pulled from the same line was a houndstooth wide leg pant and cropped, double-breasted blazer. Despite its familiarity to the classic power suit, the model’s punkish sensibilities were so effortlessly apparent, and if anyone is going to reinvent a tailored classic it has to be Delevingne.

“I think it’s very important that everyone feels empowered – man or woman. I’ve always tried to embrace and promote messages of uniqueness and individuality. I hope that helps people to feel more empowered every day,” Cara Delevingne explained at the release of the collection. “Fashion allows me to express my mood. It can be empowering to feel sexy, or cozy or chic. It’s empowering to select pieces of clothing to illustrate how you feel on the inside on any given day.”

At 27-years-old, the model-cum-actor-cum-activist has been widely vocal on industry practices, mental health and women’s rights. She is the embodiment of a ‘Nasty Woman’ – unapologetic and wildly fierce. Her inspiration for the line has similar trailblazing females in mind as she draws from the rock industry – more specifically, Cher and Stevie Nicks. The result? Over 40 pieces infused with punchy animal prints and glittering embellishments. It’s hero however and our chosen staple, was the revisit of the ’80s power shoulder weaved into four key pieces.

Adding to the aforementioned check suit, the cropped jacket is accompanied by a longline iteration. Draping over the knees, the piece is finished off with shoulder pads peaking on either side and in true Delevingne style, lends a dramatic effect. A plush velvet blazer with gathered shoulders is a nod to Nick’s bohemian edge, while cherry leather and crisp white provide the cornerstone of two dress styles paying homage to the dubbed ‘Goddess of Pop’, Cher.

Nasty Gal Ft. Cara Delevingne is available now. Shop our must-haves below.

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