We suspect it would be reasonably easy to feel relaxed about no-makeup, no-photoshop selfies if you looked like Candice Swanepoel.

After all, the 29-year-old South African supermodel has all the prerequisites for natural-look perfection. Lithe limbs? Tick. Flawless skin? Tick again. Piercing eyes and perfect brows? Tick them all too. She even manages to make an inch of dark-root regrowth look magnificent.

Still, in this cute 30-second clip (see below) captured by Victoria’s Secret sponsor OPPO while she was in Shanghai for the brand’s recent show, she shares her best tips for capturing cute selfies (on an OPPO phone, of course).

Sat on a nondescript lounge wearing a plain white tank top, high-waisted jeans, her long hair scraped back and just oversized gold hoops, stacked rings and two fine chains around her neck, she’s a lesson in off-duty casual perfection.

“I prefer my right side,” she confesses when asked about perfect angles, proving even supermodels have asymmetrical profiles. Would she ever photo shop herself? “Erm… NO,” she says, pulling a face that suggests she’s perhaps momentarily unsure of how to answer.

Watch: Candice Swanepoel share her selfie tips here

Despite claiming her favourite selfie ever was taken backstage at the Victoria’s Secret Show (given the big-dollar contract she has with them, she was never going to say otherwise, despite the fact there’s no sign of any such selfie 2017 on her Instagram) the rest of her answers seem pretty sweet and genuine.

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We mightn’t be able to replicate her genetics or VS Angel styling crews, but her perfect off-duty wardrobe is definitely do-able. (You can shop her look at the end of this article. You’re welcome.)

Selfie tips and unrealistic goals aside, it’s intriguing to watch the Angel chatting as her regular off-runway self. Now, we’re off to the nearest BONDS store to buy a perfect white singlet.


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