The fashion world has long been obsessed with French girl style. So much so that the internet contains countless articles instructing readers on exactly how to emulate the perfectly imperfect wardrobes of those who live in the European country and an Instagram account documenting every day outfits of those who live in Paris—named aptly @parisiensinparis—boasts over half a million followers. 

The formula from the outside looks relatively easy to emulate: blue jeans, a white tee and loafers with a lick of red on the lips, for example, will be seen on almost every street corner in Paris. But to successfully pull off the look, it takes a little more than a good pair of Levi’s (though finding the perfect pair will go a long way in helping). 

It’s no wonder then that French models have some of the world’s most coveted wardrobes, and almost no French model more so than Camille Rowe. Street style images of Rowe have long been a permanent feature on the Pinterest boards of thousands of women around the world, and no doubt on the mood boards of big name fashion brands everywhere. In fact, in one of his songs Harry Styles (Rowe’s ex-boyfriend—she’s the woman he’s singing about in ‘Cherry’) credits her for influencing his beloved style. 

Rowe, who now lives in Los Angeles, California, perfectly mixes her wardrobe to emulate her two homes, rotating vintage tees with oversized blazers and white Converse with headscarves, pantsuits and sparkly mini dresses. And now French girl style is easier to cop than ever because she’s put her eye to creating her own collection with Cali-born label RVCA.

In true Rowe fashion, the range features a slew of graphic tees, a corduroy suit, and denim. There’s also a number of dresses, including slip, mini and maxi, one of which is named after Rowe’s similarly stylish friend, Australian actress Phoebe Tonkin. 

See the range below and shop it here.