Caitlyn Jenner has revealed just how estranged she has become from the Kardashians, saying she has “lost all relationship” with her ex-wife and step children.

Expressing her sadness in an interview with UK personality Piers Morgan, Jenner confirmed she “doesn’t talk to any of [the Kardashians] anymore”.

“I don’t talk about that side of the family, I spent 23 years of my life with those kids –  it’s difficult to talk about it, terribly terribly sad,” she said.

“I’ve lost all relationship with them, yes, I don’t talk to any of them anymore.”

The 68-year-old said she is still close with her biological kids Kendall and Kylie Jenner, saying “my children are my life”.

It appears Caitlyn’s relationship with Khloe might be the most strained of all her step children – she claims she hasn’t spoken to her in two years.

“Actually, it was Kendall’s birthday party [this month] and I went to the party and I hadn’t talked to any of the kids on that side,” the retired Olympian explained.

“[I haven’t talked to] Kris [in] probably a year, Kim probably nine months, Khloe two years – but she wasn’t there – and Kourtney I haven’t talked to her either.”

Khloe has been open about being hurt by Caitlyn’s critical comments of Kris Jenner in her 2015 Vanity Fair interview following her transition.

“It was very hard for me to experience a lot of new things so quickly and still feeling like I have to protect my mum and certain things that were happening where I felt like they might not have been the most positive,” Khloe said on an episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

“But then I was also like, this isn’t even my fight to fight anymore. I have my own sh*t to deal with.”

Kim has been particularly vocal about her anger at Caitlyn, which stems from things Jenner wrote in her memoir Secrets Of My Life.

On a recent episode of KUWTK, Kim reads a passage from the book in which Jenner claims Robert Kardashian thought O.J Simpson was guilty and defended him anyway – and then she goes off.

“It is so shady that Caitlyn came over and gave me the book, and then on the phone she said, ‘Well, the final version has a few more things in it. But don’t worry, it’s nothing about you.’ So she lied to me. ‘Cause that is about me if it’s about our dad.

“I’ve always had Caitlyn’s back. But she is a liar. She is not a good person.”

Jenner seems sad but accepting of the situation with the Kardashians.

“They don’t want me in their lives, they bashed me pretty badly. It’s devastating when your kids do that. It really hurt.”

Caitlyn was a step father to Kim, Khloe, Kourtney and Rob for more than two decades after he and Kris married in 1991, and supported the kids through the death of their biological father Robert Kardashian, who passed away in 2003.