To call Australian fashion label Auguste another Byron Bay boho fashion brand is a wildly off-the-mark understatement. True, it’s former model-turned-businesswoman founder Ebony Eagles lives in the picturesque beachside town that’s already known as an Aussie bohemian fashion hub, but she has much more far-reaching plans for her rapidly growing label and its pretty offerings.

Eagles has joined global initiative One Percent For The Planet, whereby businesses pledge that precise chunk of their profits to global conservation charities. In Auguste’s case, this is The Marine Conservation Society and Orangutan Land Trust. Coincidentally, the charity is also the string that connects her to the brand’s newest campaign face, supermodel Nicole Trunfio.

Nicole Trunfio wears Auguste Beach House Strappy Mini Dress in Bambi Bloom Cherry, $125. SHOP NOW

“Nicole is a mother and I had a good feeling she would relate to how I feel: wanting to leave the world a better place for my little ones,” Eagles told GRAZIA. “She has always supported Australian labels, which was also important to me. Plus she is absolutely gorgeous – she has a nostalgic beauty that is really rare.”

The campaign for the new Strawberry Moon collection, released globally today, was shot just a few hours outside Los Angeles in California’s Red Rock Canyon. “We wanted a really dramatic backdrop for this shoot to help our beautiful model shine. The sheer scale of landscape out there is mind-blowing, it’s so epic, it’s hard to get a bad shot.”

Trunfio wears Auguste Strappy Muse Maxi Wild Leopard, $155. SHOP NOW

“It was a big day with a pre-dawn wake-up to a desert location where the intense heat only really allows you to work for a few hours before midday,” Eagles says. “But Nicole was really hard working, really funny and friendly, and heaps of fun. Its easy to see why she is a super model. She really is next level to work with.”

Eagles and Trunfio behind the scenes with Australian photographer Trevor King

While the comparison with other Byron-based brands like SPELL & The Gypsy Collective are inevitable, Eagles is quick to mark the differences. “To be honest I don’t really see us as completely boho. Prints are a very important part, but I think we are more of an every day wearable brand for a really wide range of women with varied styles. We’re really about a paired-back, effortless style. We don’t use too many accessories and just let the clothes – and their wearer – do the talking.”

At the time she created the new collection, it was the first time the Summer Solstice and Strawberry Moon had overlapped since 1967 – hence the (in truth) rather bohemian name and retro feel of the collection. So it only felt right, Eagles admits, to shoot someone in who embodied that spiritual ethos in California. Nicole Trunfio, as luck has it, couldn’t have been more perfect for the role.

Trunfio wears Auguste, Longbeach Market Singlet in Floral Natural, $110. SHOP NOW

GRAZIA’S Interview with Nicole Trunfio

Auguste is a relatively new Australian brand. Were you aware of it before this campaign? Of course! I became familiar with Auguste through my girlfriends in Los Angeles. They love the femininity and relaxed comfort of the brand and definitely got me educated.  

You look so relaxed in the behind-scenes shots. WHAT WERE THE CONDITIONS really LIKE? It was such a relaxed and gorgeous day. Everyone in the crew was so sweet and so professional, which makes work fun. We shot out in the middle of nowhere and we kind of just went with the flow and the mood of our environment. We were at the base of these gorgeous red rocks; it was quite epic to be that close to the earths profound beauty. That’s what I love most about my job: it takes me to some of the worlds most beautiful places, some that you might have no other reason to go than to take that one picture.

Desert Dream Team: Trunfio, King and Eagles post shoot in Red Rock Canyon

How would you describe the latest Auguste collection’s aesthetic? August is unique in the way that they merge comfort and consciousness. Not only are you wearing beautiful and feminine designs, but also wearing them knowing you also contributed to making our planet a better place. That is real and valuable if you ask me.

What do you like most about the collection? I love that free feeling I get when I think about it, it embodies the female spirit, rich in culture, diverse in feeling and visually quite pretty. I also really love the feeling of the fabrics, they are so soft and dreamy.

Which was your favourite piece and print from the campaign shoot? I love the floral, off-the-shoulder dress with the split up the leg. I also really love the vintage-inspired bell sleeved white shirt.

Auguste, Bell Sleeved Shirt in Bambi Bloom Cherry, $125. SHOP NOW

You’re very familiar with the music festival scene. What’s your best styling tip for someone dressing for one? Layer with accessories and don’t be afraid to take a risk, because a music festival is the place to do that. And make sure to show of your glowing skin.

what was your experience working with Auguste’s founder? I really look up to Ebony. She is really conscious with her business and her impact on the planet. I love how she has evolved as a woman. We really connected and I really hope to have the privilege of sharing ideas with her in the future.

Eagles (right) and Trunfio in her favourite piece of the collection Auguste, Willow Day Dress in Longbeach Floral Natural, $185. SHOP NOW

What are your thoughts around auguste’s commitment to One Percent for the Planet? did it sway your decision to be involved? It absolutely influenced my decision. I think a lot of the time people are caught up in their busy lives and making money, but I think it is really important, if not the first priority, to put our planet and humanity first. In doing so, this will make our own goals bigger, as they are beyond us. It forces us to look beyond ourselves and can open our perspective up in a way that will only benefit our own personal growth. In every endeavour I enter into, I always look to see how it will impact on a world scale.

How have your feelings about modelling changed over the past few years? I am very grateful for my job and I really love my job. In the beginning, I was a little unsure and missed my family so much, but now I feel more comfortable in my skin, I have filled out these shoes and definitely can say I am at home when I am on set, walking runways or doing anything modelling-related. It’s nice not to feel like a fish out of water anymore.

How has being a mum influenced your style and wardrobe? I definitely dress for comfort and ease more. The main thing for me now is packing light. I have so much baby equipment with me, I end up with less and less space. I actually really enjoy keeping my luggage small and simple. It forces me to simplify my wardrobe and only splurge on beautiful investment pieces. So I tend to spend more money, but buy less. It works out great.

Auguste, Beach House Frill Wrap Maxi Dress in Bambi Bloom Black, $185. SHOP NOW

What’s next for you on both a personal and professional front for the next few years? I am launching my new fine jewellery line, ERTH. It is very easy and wearable 14 karat gold jewellery with an accessible price point. We are launching with FWRD in the states, which is a dream partner. We also stock in Revolve, Broken English, Just One Eye, For Love and Lemons and By George. It’s will be available on our website too. And yes, we will be shipping to Australia.

Where and how will you be spending Christmas Day this year? My husband and I will be on our ranch in Texas. Its our first Christmas there. It’s heaven. I really cannot wait.

The Auguste Strawberry Moon collection dropped December 1, 2016. Follow the brand on instagram.