Byredo Unnamed
Image credit: Instagram/Byredo

Ben Gorham gave the world Byredo, and for that, it will be eternally grateful. Every scent from the Swedish house is aligned to a memory; a moment in time communicated through the olfactory system. And now, for the third time, you can make your own memory with Byredo “Unnamed”.

Unnamed first launched in 2016 as a limited edition concept to celebrate the brands 10th anniversary. It was, and still is a fragrance that’s nameless and directionless, instead leaving it up to the buyer to write the story. According to the brand, it’s “a blank page upon which your feelings may flow”. It really asks the question, what is in a name, and investigates the relationship between words and scent: does a fragrance smell a certain way because of the words attached? A question Byredo is inherently keen on answering.

Unnamed is mostly a clean, crisp, unisex juice that toes the line between citrus and spice. Unlike the first two limited launches (2016 and again in 2019), the bespoke typography is available in electric pink, blue or green. It makes a thoughtful, highly personalised gift (hence the Valentines Day revival), or alternatively gives new meaning to the term signature scent. Either way, it won’t be on offer for long. Unnamed is available at Mecca Cosmetica, or Byredo stores and online globally.