Damage to your hair can be caused by the least likely of suspects. Whether it’s hot tools overkill or too-tight top knots; amped-up A/C in summer or hot heaters in winter. Even just some overly aggressive, stress-induced hair twirling during particularly intense scenes of GoT can be to blame for crappier hair by the end credits. Truth. 

If a cut isn’t on the cards, the best and quickest way to revive seriously dry, moisture-deprived hair is with a mask – and some of the best treatments can be found at the pharmacy or hiding on supermarket shelves. Read through to find your hair rehab route.

CREDIT: Instagram @sarasampaio

For dry hair
Oils are a trend that the beauty world doesn’t want to quit. Why? Because their prowess as a hydrator is unmatched. Loaded with chamomile oil, rose oil, tiara oil and flax oil – this heavy cream will sort out fried strands, stat.


L’Oreal Paris, ELVIVE Extraordinary Oil Mask, $9.95. SHOP NOW

If your hair won’t stop snapping off
Not long hair, but like, really do care? Slotting in this rich strengthening treatment will help get your hair past your shoulders.
Charles Worthington, Strength & Repair Longer & Stronger Hair Masque, $15.99. SHOP NOW

Best for Fine hair
By their very nature hair masks are rich and heavy, meaning they can weigh down hair that doesn’t boast a Gigi Hadid-level thickness. Loaded with the same nourishing oils as denser formulas, this lighter cream will moisturise without overwhelming finer hair types. 


If you’re into natural products
Natural products are nice but when it comes to sorting out truly damaged hair not many masks can quite do the job of their high-tech counterparts – but this is the exception. Rich in coconut oil, jojoba seed oil and white mallow extract, it deeply nourishes even the most fragile hair.
Weleda, Oat Replenishing Treatment, $19.95. SHOP NOW

For fighting frizz
If bleach or humidity has got the better of you or you’re prone to frizz, this treatment will settle and smooth in five minutes, or leave it on longer for a deeper hit of hydration.  
TRESemme, 7 Day Keratin Smooth Heat Activated Treatment, $10.99. SHOP NOW

Best for dull hair
Without getting too science-y, dullness happens when the hair cuticle is roughed up and isn’t laying flat, which is something this shine-boosting treatment works to rectify with each use.

Schwarzkopf Extra Care, Moisture Gloss 10 Day Shine Treatment, $8.99. Shop now

If you colour your hair  
Anyone who colours their hair at home will know that DIY dye comes with a little tube of next-level deep conditioner, which has specifically designed to deeply nourish and boost shine in freshly-processed hair. Well, say hello to the now-sold-separately option. 
John Frieda, Intense After-Colour Conditioner, $16.99. SHOP NOW