Hotcakes with smoked golden syrup and whipped butter form part of Mary’s new CBD breakfast menu
Credit: Sam Brumby 

Like the terminally basic and inane platitudes about Monday and coffee shared on Instagram, Monday and hangovers also go hand-in-hand for many.

Or so I’ve been told. It’s a symbiotic relationship that the team behind Mary’s understand all too well, and it’s part of the reason behind the launch of their new breakfast menu, which kicked off at 6:30am this morning at their CBD outlet.

“We have been aware that the two busiest periods in the CBD are breakfast and lunch for ever,” co-owner Jake Smyth told GRAZIA of the decision to expand their hedonistic offering to those godforsaken morning hours. “We were also aware that Sydney takes coffee super seriously, though we super seriously don’t.”

The decision then to enlist a speciality coffee partner was a natural one, with Smyth and his partner in Mary’s Kenny Graham finding a kindred spirit in fellow Loggerhead Coffee Co, who will bring an arsenal that includes espresso based coffee, filter and bottled cold brews under the direction of founder Tobin Ventham, also of Newtown’s 212 Blu a stonesthrow away from the original Mary’s. “Finding the right coffee match for us was as important as the menu,” says Smyth. “And with Loggerhead we found it!”

The menu of “hangover killers” at hand includes offerings both savoury and sweet, including a Mary’s brekkie burger, hotcakes served with smoked golden syrup and whipped butter, and a series of four breakfast muffins that Smyth says, when paired with a coffee, “will punch that hangover in the mouth.” Porridge served with seasonal fruit, crumpets, potato scones, banana bread and Jamaican ginger cake round out the remainder of the breakfast offering. The store itself has also undergone a complete redesign, with a new installed shrine to Motörhead’s late co-founder Lemmy Kilmister and a custom fit out with extra seating for those needing to take a little pressure off whatever self-inflicted hardships were incurred the night before at Smyth and Graham’s most recent venture, The Lansdowne. If that fails, you’d do well to heed Smyth’s well-prescribed advice for curing what ails you.

“One litre of soda water mixed with Hydrolytes and three apsirin; two Bloody Mary’s; grapefruit juice; Budweiser; coffee with cream; and a double sausage and cheese muffin, in that order. I look like a very well-equipped fucking drunk now.”

Breakfast will be available at Mary’s CBD outlet from 6:30am until 10pm weekdays, closing at 11pm on Friday

Tile and cover image: Tumblr/Composite components courtesy of Mary’s