brad pitt girlfriend Nicole Poturalski
Credit: Instagram

There’s a silly meme floating about the internet at the moment which pictures aliens nervously standing in a line, ready to take the stage that is Earth in 2020. Frankly, at this point, I wouldn’t be so shocked should these other-worldly creatures decide to pull up their spaceship in my own backyard.

So the fact that Brad Pitt’s 27-year-old new girlfriend, Nicole Poturalski, is actually in an eight-year open marriage with a 68-year-old German man is really not so surprising.


According to the Daily Mail, Poturalski is married to Roland Mary, a well-known restauranteur in Berlin and the couple share a seven-year-old son named Emil. Apparently – and most interestingly – Mary reportedly doesn’t seem to mind his younger model wife dating Pitt.

“[Poturalski and Mary] are still married, but you could describe their relationship as an ‘open marriage,’” a source told The Mail. “He has been married several times and has five children. He is not interested in negativity or jealousy.”

brad pitt girlfriend
Roland Mary, on the far left, at his Berlin restaurant Borchardt with Poturalski, second from the right, and some of their friends. Credit: Instagram @kajaelena

I just can’t seem to imagine what that conversation would have been like between Poturalski  and Mary when she dropped the bomb that she was going on a date to a Kanye West concert with Brad Pitt.

Also, what would the conversation between Poturalski and 56-year-old Pitt have been like when she told him she was still married to the Borchardt restaurant owner? (Borchardt is the swanky spot in Berlin that has hosted the likes of Barack Obama, Madonna, George Clooney and Harvey Weinstein. It’s also the restaurant where Poturalski and Pitt allegedly first met in August 2019 while Pitt was in town promoting Once Upon A Time…In Hollywood.) 

I have a one question for Pitt: Do you feel weird about sharing a woman with a much older man?

I have two questions for Poturalski: What is it like to be married to one man and be dating one of the most famous actors in the world? And how did Angelina Jolie decorated the French Chateau that you and Pitt visited on the weekend?

I have one question for Margot Robbie, who was at Borchardt the night Pitt met Poturalski: who approached who?

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