Bottega Veneta is ready to begin their new phase under the direction of newly appointed creative director Matthieu Blazy.

The Italian luxury brand has released a new App, which can be downloaded from the Apple Store, has been developed through which fans of the  brand can discover the debut collection from Blazy.

Rather than the simply provide a video, however, Bottega Veneta has incorporated their signature parakeet green into the digital experience but creating a virtual green screen through which fans can experience the latest collection.

All you need to do is point your phone at anything green and that becomes a window into the world of Bottega. Got a lime, or a Bottega Casette bag that happens to be green? You’ve got yourself a doorway into a private viewing of the new season.

While the app is available to download now, with a short artistic introduction, actual visuals of the line are yet to be live.

This announcement comes with another key shift from the brand, including the changing of the brand logo from black to bright green.

While nothing has been confirmed, the launch of the brand’s personal app does suggest that they’re not rejoining Instagram any time soon.

The decision to delete all social media was made when British designer Daniel Lee was still in control and it seems that Blazy, who was Lee’s second in command before stepping up to the top role, is of a similar mind.

What the collection will look like under Blazy all signs point to familiar motifs and methods being continued but of course Blazy will need time to stamp the brand with his own signature or personal flair.

The hype surrounding the ultra low-key luxury brand is the product of marketing genius. Doing away with more commonly used methods of reaching audiences, Bottega Veneta turned inwards to create a circular narrative that began and ended with the brand.

The app may make it feel more interactive, but there’s no doubt that the infamous elusiveness of Bottega will be around for quite some time yet.