They look like regular sunglasses. They feel like regular sunglasses. But they don’t sound like regular sunglasses. Australia, meet your first wearable speakers, Bose Frames.

A world first, Bose have melded their iconic audio with stylish lenses to bring you sunglasses with a soundtrack. From the outside; sleek sunglasses. But on the inside; the tiniest, thinnest, most lightweight Bose system, ever. Conspicuously housed within the arm, teeny tiny wireless headphones provide micro-acoustics, voice control and personal audio, so users can stream music and information, take and make calls, and access virtual assistants from — while keeping playlists, entertainment, and conversations private. Sound like magic? According to Mehul Trivedi, director of Bose Frames, they are. “Frames are both magical and practical,” he says. “With the new lens options, they’re more versatile premium sunglasses. But when you turn them on, they function like headphones, instantly connecting to your phone, contacts, the web, and all its audible content.”

They’re also the world’s first audio augmented reality platform, which unlike other augmented reality glasses and platforms, Bose AR doesn’t change what you see, integrate an obtrusive camera lens, or require your phone’s camera to super impose objects in your sight line. Genius? Very.

Offering two universally flattering styles, there’s an option for all face shapes, outfits and moods. Alto, the larger frame, is fair and squar-ish, a stronger, more masculine frame, while Rondo is round and curved at its edges. Both block up to 99% of UVA/UVB rays, weigh a mere 45 grams, and come with uniformly tinted lenses — which can be easily popped out and replaced with the first Frames’ accessories, which include non-polarised and polarised options for each — Mirrored Silver for Alto, and Mirrored Rose Gold for Rondo.

Fusing both functionality and fashion, they solve that eternal conundrum of outdoor play – to take my sunglasses, or not? – offering a solution which is both stylish and practical (no more holding sunnies and earphones at once!) Both multitasking and marvellous, it’s that iconic Bose sound delivered to you in a whole new, fashionable way.

Bose Frames are available today in Australia and retail for $299.95. shop the wearables by bose here.