Credit: Instagram @blacchyna

Across the weekend, Tyga told a TMZ photographer that when it came to breaking up with Kylie Jenner, “sometimes, things just don’t work out”. But now, in an explosive new interview, Ian Halperin, the author of Kardashian Dynasty, has revealed it was Kris Jenner who precipitated the break-up after a “meeting” with Tyga’s ex (and now Rob Kardashian’s fiancé) Blac Chyna. 

“It was Kris who made the decision that Tyga has to go,” Halperin told The Daily Mail. “And it was made not because of his apparent infidelities or age gap in his relationship with Kylie. In fact, it was a devastating cynical calculation on Kris’ part, my sources tell me: that Blac Chyna’s relationship with Rob Kardashian makes her an integral part of the Kardashian family. 

“Therefore, there is simply no space in the family for both her and Tyga.”

Halperin continues to say how friends of Kris told him she wasn’t a fan of the rapper since he had gone broke. Her worries were cemented after a reported meeting with 28-year-old Chyna where she learnt of Tyga’s past. Kris and Kylie allegedly had lengthy talks and agreed the best thing for Kylie was to move on from a reported “bankrupt” Tyga.

“Kris is one of the sharpest people one could ever meet. She’s nobody’s fool”, said Halperin. “And she knew there was not room for both Tyga and Chyna in the Kardashian fold. She chose Chyna.”

Dating since 2014, Kylie and Tyga have split in the past, where Kylie gave this awkward interview with Ellen Degeneres citing she and the Rack City rapper were “just like… I don’t know. Hanging out. Living life.” Their last Instagram together was just last month at Coachella and while both attended the Met Gala, they weren’t pictured together. Amid rumours Tyga had cheated on Kylie, Halperin says one of Tyga’s friends told him the rapper was “definitely no choir boy near the end.”

They are big claims, and if true, may explain this Instagram post from Rob Kardashian just three weeks ago when the break-up reportedly happened. Pictured is his fiancé and mother to his unborn child Chyna and sister Kylie captioned “So happy my girls finally got to talk and make peace”.