Once upon a time, stylists and fashion stars talked about dressing from the feet up (the drill: start with a spectacular pair of statement shoes, then add clothes accordingly). Today, taking the same approach from the head down is just as fitting. 

Visors are still a key look thanks to the long-lasting sports luxe trend
Helen Kaminski, Bianca Raffia Visor, $110. SHOP NOW

What you wear on your head is definitely more fashion than function these days. As as every street-snapped model and poolside fashion blogger worth her Luvo phone case knows, a great hat can make the difference between a standard snap and look that gets you noticed.  

But as with any great accessory, not all styles are created equal or equally fashionable. Time to tuck away those now-over floppy-brimmed felt numbers and cowboy-style rafia hats (see here for top storage tips) and tap into one of the key fashion looks for this season. (Hint for free: marine caps are set to be huge next winter. If you see one, nab it now and be ahead of the trend.)

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Fedora shapes are still huge, literally, this summer
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We spoke to designer Allison Bard, global brand director of leading designer hat brand Helen Kaminski, for her tips on trends, styles, fabrics and what’s currently selling like hotcakes. 

What are the biggest hat trends for both guys and girls this season? The boater remains one of the key style trends for women. We’ve spotted our raffia boater at both the Polo and the Races this season. Unisex silhouettes like fedoras remain strong from a streetwear perspective, as do visors and caps thanks to the sports luxe trend that has been dominating ready-to-wear.

Storm Keating wears a fedora-shaped Helen Kaminski straw hat at the polo

Why do you think you’ve seen a leap in demand for everyday hats lately? Over the last few years, the demand has definitely increased for both women and men thanks to [hats] making consistent appearances on runways, as well as global style icons and celebrities. That hats are probably the easiest fashion accessory to capture in a ‘selfie’ could also be a factor. I suppose you could say that technology has played a part in the hat making headlines.

Soft grey and berry tones, as worn by model Yaya Deng, are key colour trends right now

WHAT ARE THE MOST POPULAR COLOURS AT THE MOMENT? Soft grey and melange denim tones have been extremely popular due to their versatility. We have also had a lot of interest in deep cherry, crimson, and chilli reds, which appeal to a more confident and fashion forward hat customer. 

Leopard print is still the new black when it comes to accessories, including hats

WHAT ARE YOUR BEST SELLERS WITH FEMALE CUSTOMERS AT THE MOMENT? The best-selling items at our QVB flagship store come out of our rollable raffia crochet collection. The diversity of silhouettes – fedoras, relaxed floppy flat brims, classic turned up and wide brims – and the extensive colour palette, size adjustability and the flexibility to roll, pack, and travel with these hats make them the top picks for the summer season. 

Hat trends expert Allison Bard