I fist learned of the Los Angeles-based aesthetician Biba de Sousa from an old YouTube video posted by Rosie Huntington-Whiteley that discussed non-comedogenic skincare. Huntington Whiteley shared that she is very breakout-prone (hard to believe, I know) and was thus extremely careful about the products she put on her face.

She mentioned de Sousa within the video and explained it was her who had taught her all about pore-clogging ingredients. As someone who is also very prone to congestion, I was intrigued. Some digging showed that de Sousa had a roster of devout but low-key celebrity clients: Rosie, Miley Cyrus, Hailey Bieber, Devon Lee Carson and Katherine Power (the founder of makeup brand Merit). Her own brand ships to Australia, so I grabbed a few items including the best-selling Zinc Face Mask (previously called the Calming Zinc and Sulfur Mask) and waited patiently for them to arrive.

The mask arrived and right from the first use, I was obsessed. If you’ve tried sulfur before, you’ll know it stinks. But you’ll also know it’s a fantastic treatment for active pimples as it works to remove the upper layer of dead skin cells, killing pimple-causing bacteria. The formula also has calming zinc and bentonite clay to soak up excess oil, making it a truly effective treatment for red, congested skin (a statement I can attest to).


Not that it really needs anymore love, but the worlds biggest pop star, Billie Eilish, also gave it a glowing review as part of her Vogue Beauty Secrets post-show skincare routine video the other day. Eilish used the mask on her t-zone to clear out pores (smart), before cleansing, toning, moisturising and sealing things off with the equally iconic Cream Barrier.

Considering Eilish has all the money and access in the world – as well as cherubic, perfect skin – let this serve as further proof that the Biba Los Angeles Zinc Mask really is phenomenal.

Shop the formula below:

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