If you’re suffering from Northern Hemisphere summer envy as the Australian winter drags on, look away now.

Beyonce has shared a series of photos from the Carters’ European vacation, including one particularly notable shot: a rare picture of twins Rumi and Sir.

In the picture (above), Queen Bey is holding her 13-month-olds on her lap, and one of them –we’re almost certain it’s Rumi – is laughing and reaching to something off camera.

Other highlights from the Carter Family Vacation, which we imagine is like a National Lampoon movie set on a super yacht, include Beyonce looking like a boss with a glass of white wine in a huge sun hat, Blue Ivy looking devastatingly cute with a mocktail in the pool, and Jay-Z holding what appears to be Rumi’s hand, the little girl looking out through the glass to enjoy the view from her superyacht.

Your typical family holiday, then. Just call them the Griswalds.

In fairness, the Carters were desperately in need of some downtime. After touring Europe with their On The Run II show for two months, they’re enjoying a break before kicking off the North America leg in New Jersey on August 2.

The Carters are set to tour the US until early October.