On the final, rather glamorous leg of her On The Run Tour II, Beyonce’s Houston homecoming has become somewhat of a hair spectacle. Taking both fashion and hair to the next level, Queen Bey has definitely saved her best for last – sporting some very, very long strands, which quite frankly, have us longing for long hair once more.

In a time where bob rules and we’ve been rubbing shoulders with short hair, there is one person who can swiftly change the hair narrative of today – and that is Bey. Posting the final days of her tour to her 117 million followers on Instagram, each snap details an all-new, diamond-encrusted outfit with one very glamorous constant – loosely tousled, honeycomb locks which skim that famous booty (and thigh).

Gushing down in a sea of glorious curls, each high-octane look was marked by equally momentous hair. Take, for example, this glistening magenta power suit, complete with airborne mane.

Or this gilded fringed bodysuit, with the wind machine proving wonders.

Or, the ultimate accompaniment to Olivier Rousteing’s shimmering, emerald-green, high-neck dress of our dreams – soaring strands, which, when in flight, make this maximalist vision even more amazing.

And this shot backstage is nothing short of spectacular; a rare moment of composure and calm, her hair – in its mountainous, towering glory – is quite simply, magnificent.

Of course, no Beyoncé tour would be without its hair flicking, and what better way to whip your hair back and forth than with a mane like this.

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Either way, your new hair path is long and mighty, like Bey with the good hair.