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Finding a sunscreen that doesn’t exacerbate breakout-prone skin is hard. But thanks to innovation, it’s not impossible. In fact, there’s a stack of fresh new formulas that both protect your face while not encouraging shine or irritating sensitive, congested complexions.

So from one acne-prone editor to you, here’s an edit of six skin-safe SPF formulas that will protect you, sans extra pimples.

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Elta MD UV Clear Broad Spectrum Facial Sunscreen, $46. SHOP NOW

Quite possibly the gold standard in sunscreen for easily-aggravated skin, Elta MD’s formula contains zinc oxide, niacinamide, hyaluronic acid and vitamin E to protect the skin while simultaneously soothing, calming and hydrating. But even more remarkable is the texture — light, blendable and neither drying nor greasy. The tint works on most fair to medium skin tones, while the clear iteration works on deeper skin.

Ultraceuticals UV Protective Daily Moisturiser, $86. SHOP NOW

This chemical (more accurately known as organic) sunscreen has a featherlight texture and weightless matte finish, making it perfect for thicker, shiny skin. It also boasts caring and moisturising properties, thanks to panthenol, niacinamide and other antioxidants to offer unmatched protection. It can double as your moisturiser as well, if you like.

Ultra Violette Lean Screen Mattifying Zinc, $49. SHOP NOW

Easily irritated or acne-prone skin will love Ultra Violette’s Lean Screen. The broad spectrum SPF 50+ is made up of zinc only, so not only is it protective but also calms inflammation. It does have a very slight tint, but that is more to mitigate white cast than to provide coverage.

Zinc gluconate, caffeine, niacinamide and biotin have come together to create this lighter-than-air SPF from Dermalogica. The matte finish means shine is put back in its place, while the soothing zinc and niacinamide reduce redness and irritation. It’s not drying or powdery either, so you won’t get that chalky feeling under your makeup.
Rationale The Tinted Fluid SPF 50+, $172. SHOP NOW
If your budget allows, this Rationale formula is gold class. It’s a zinc-based mineral fluid that gives you all the glow without any irritants. It is very luminous, so probably isn’t best for super oily skin, but if you prefer an inorganic sunscreen and don’t want to use a white cream, this is as good as it gets. The fact it’s zinc-based means it’s suitable for acne-prone skin, too.

LA ROCHE-POSAY Anthelios XL Anti-Shine Dry Touch SPF 50+, $32. SHOP NOW

La Roche-Posay is always good for a reasonably-priced skincare buy, SPF included. Anthelios XL Anti-Shine is light, fresh and matte, while it uses an ingredient called Airlicium to absorb up to 150 times its volume in sebum, sweat and oil. It’s also fragrance free, and utilises both mineral and physical chemical filters.