Ahhh sleep… that blissful state we all look forward to each evening. But recent statistics continue to show that a high proportion of the population continues to struggle with getting enough of it. We can put this down to a number of factors, from increased screen time (yes, all that scrolling in bed really doesn’t do you any favours) to the pandemic, which saw many of us experience wild, vivid dreams or major disruptions to our regular sleeping patterns during lockdown.

It’s not just bad news for your brain or your body if you’re constantly racking up a large sleep debt, either.  It’s also bad for your complexion. Your skin can become imbalanced, dark circles develop and your body lacks the time it needs to restore and replenish your cells overnight. You’ll also feel sluggish, lack concentration and find yourself falling into less-than-stellar moods (guilty).

But beyond just climbing into bed at an earlier hour, what can we actually do to improve our sleep? Well firstly, there are the science-backed suggestions that you’re probably already ignoring – exercise, leaving your phone in another room at night – but there are also a few products that you can enlist to help aid you on your journey into dreamland.

So in light of World Sleep Day on 19 March, we’ve put together GRAZIA‘s edit of the best sleep products, for better beauty rest by tonight.



WelleCo Sleep Welle Calming Tea, $59 SHOP NOW

Sip yourself into slumber with a cup of this calming blend, which contains skullcap, hops, valerian root and passionflower to help your mind and body unwind after a long day.

THIS Works Deep Sleep Body Cocoon, $50 SHOP NOW

Apply this rich body moisturiser after a hot shower to soothe those senses before you hop in to bed. Gently applying the sleep-inducing scent to your tired limbs will quickly aid overall relaxation.

Frank Body In Your Dreams Sleep Scrub and Soak, $18.95 SHOP NOW

In the aforementioned shower, slough away a stressful day with this scrub and soak. Pop it in the bath if you’ve got time to languish pre-bed, or use it to gently exfoliate your skin.


The light in your space actually has a lot to do with the quality of rest you can get each evening. Slide on one of these luxe silk face masks to block out unwanted glare while you sleep.

Laneige Water Sleeping Mask Lavender, $44 SHOP NOW

Treat your skin while you sleep with the skin-soothing aromatics of this cult overnight face mask. It works to deeply hydrate your skin while you drift off, meaning you’ll wake up fresh-faced.


By now you’re probably across the fact that silk pillowcases can play a large part in the way you look – helping to prevent wrinkles, stopping your hair from snagging – but the cool, soft material is also extremely comfortable. Swap out your cotton or linen for 2 weeks and just try to go back (we’ll wait).