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At Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia, everyone can hear you scream
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Perhaps it’s a case of inadvertent absentmindedness, a consequence of too much mind being paid to what one sees (and wears) as opposed to what one says.

Perhaps it’s because some people spend the week relishing in a state of deprivation and simply no longer care what they’re heard saying. Or perhaps it’s because we’re all just living for drama.

Whatever the case, the cumulative hours spent in waiting at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia often result in some pretty spectacular moments that otherwise go undocumented; unless, that is, someone is taking notes of the outrageous things people say when they think no one is listening.

Herewith, some conversational doozies from the first two full days of shows at MBFWA.

In the Carriageworks foyer, in the minutes after Alice McCall, between two women
“I’m obsessed with you being obsessed with yourself.”

Awaiting the opening of the doors at Bianca Spender, a woman to her photographer
“The girl in the green is quite famous. I don’t know her name. Go follow her!”

Before Thomas Puttick, a stranger to me, unknowingly stealing my colleague’s seat
“I’m not staying here [in the second row]. I think I’m just going to go and sit in the front row.”

Credit: Cole Bennetts/Getty Images

Two looks into a show, between two showgoers
“Oh, has it started?”

A showgoer, after seeing Jordan Barrett 
“I need to sit down. Fan me.”

Awaiting the start of Double Rainbouu, one woman to another, about their colleague
“You don’t have to [expletive] deal with that. It’s not your job to make sure she gets shot.”

Credit: Brendon Thorne/Getty Images

During seating at sass & bide, between showgoers
“Are you going to Icebergs tonight? I heard Kylie [Jenner] is here. She hasn’t posted in nine hours, so it must be true.”

At a show, awaiting the delayed start
“Look around you. There are already too many queens here.”

After Macgraw, in the Star Bar
“She’s absolutely crushing it this year. She’s killing Fashion Week.”

Credit: Getty Images

Backstage at a show, a hair director to a publicist
“Oh my god, what is the product that I’m meant to be using again?”

In the Media Centre, between two influencers
“I haven’t eaten for two days to fit into this dress”

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