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The message coming from the Golden Globes red carpet couldn’t be clearer: natural skin is in. While the shift away from darker fake tans and towards a more naturally sun-kissed hue has gradually gained pace over the years, this year many A-listers skipped the faux glow entirely, instead embracing the skin they were born with.

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From Emma Stone and Nicole Kidman to Michele Williams and Anna Kendrick, there was barely a bottle-bronzed body in sight with top-to-toe natural skin having its moment. However the difference between radiant and translucent, and pasty pale is the maintenance. Meaning? Illuminator. Staying out of the sun is one thing, but adding an untraceable glow to your fair limbs will dial up your natural skin tone for nights out.

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Opt for a sheer, cool-based illuminators that will work back with the blue undertones in your skin. Beware of anything too peachy or bronzed, as these will sit on top of your skin and never look natural. If in doubt, simply drop some liquid illuminator or shimmery body oil into your moisturiser or body lotion for an all-over glow that will dial your natural skin up a notch without going overboard. Best of all there’s zero wait time and no smell, just get set and you’re good to glow.

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