Sydney may be a sopping mess this week, but we take comfort in the fact that springtime is merely a few days away. The turning of seasons is a celebration of all that is light: the afternoon sun, your wardrobe, and of course, your fragrance. When the air is thick with heat, there’s little sense in wearing a heavy, sticky perfume. And while we don’t subscribe exclusively to florals, a lighter, fresher, but most importantly unique juice is all we ask. Whether you love a crisp beachy scent, or prefer something a little more niche, below you’ll find seven new picks guaranteed to lift your mood as we power through the last few icy mornings.

Mugler Alien Fusion, $99. SHOP NOW

Mugler fragrance is for those who favour a sweet, punchy scent that lingers on clothes well after they’ve been washed. Alien Fusion is a warmer, cosier iteration of the first, spiked with notes of cinnamon and spice for a fragrance that really wraps you up. 

Jo Malone Poppy & Barley Cologne, $200. SHOP NOW

Jo Malone knows chic, clean fragrance, and Poppy & Barley cologne is no different. Like walking through a field of English flowers, this scent is bright and juicy – sunshine in a bottle. Perfect for those that love a floral for spring (groundbreaking or not). 

Juliette Has A Gun Vanilla Vibes, $159. SHOP NOW

Often vanilla scents can leave your olfactory in a sweet tizzy, but Vanilla Vibes toes the line between sweet and mineral in an intoxicating way. It’s nothing like a traditional gourmand perfume, but instead clean, crisp, and atmospheric. 

Ouai North Bondi, $87. SHOP NOW

If you could bottle the salt-crusted, Tuchuzy-clad Bondi girl, this Ouai fragrance would be it. It’s unfussy and coastal (just like the beach-side suburb), and dries down to a soft, hazy musk. 

Prada La Femme Water Splash, $189. SHOP NOW

Prada’s La Femme Water Splash is everything good about warm weather: citrus, salt, aquatic notes, and the faint smell of sunscreen. It’s also enclosed in a beautiful flacon, making it one for the dressing table.

Maison Margiela Replica Coffee Break, $170. SHOP NOW

Imagine the inside of a dimly lit, cosy coffee house; the air laced with freshly ground beans, sweet cakes and airy pastries. Add the lightness of mint and lavender and you’re breathing in this Replica scent. It’s not a traditional springtime fragrance, but the uniqueness is too hard to pass up on. 

Tom Ford Sole Di Positano, $185. SHOP NOW

If you missed your European sojourn this winter, turn the Australian summer into a permanent staycation with a little help from Mr Tom Ford. Just like the thick summer air in Southern Italy, this fragrance is a watery blend of lemons, bergamot, and jasmine. Add gelato, appertivo, and a Matteau cossie, and you’re basically in the Amalfi.

Feature image credit: Mecca Cosmetica