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Exfoliation is nothing new in skincare, but the formulas we have at our disposal are. These days, we have a stack of options at our fingertips, all of which are designed to remove built-up skin cells and dissolve pore-clogging oil.

But even with all the newness and innovation, it’s essential to pick one tailored to your skin type. And so below we’re calling out six formulas that have just hit shelves, based on how they work and what they do for the skin. Keep scrolling to discover.



Holifrog Kosi Multi-Active Mask, $87. SHOP NOW

If you want to turn up skin vibrance and clarity in 20 minutes flat, look no further than this new mask formula from Holifrog. it contains a powerhouse blend of malic, salicylic, lactic and mandelic acid to dissolve surface cells and unclog pores, while plant extracts and hydrators restore skin softness. It’s a thick gel-creme that tingles slightly, but rinses clean to reveal a complexion that’s luminous and baby-smooth.


Perricone MD blemish relief gentle exfoliating toner. shop now

If blackheads and whiteheads are a major concern, the spot-fighting toner can help. It uses a blend of beta-hydroxy acids (including salicylic and succinic acid) to decongest pores and break down sticky sebum plugs, reducing the incidence of spots and breakouts. Succinic acid is also known to have antibacterial and antimicrobial properties, so works well to control breakout-prone skin specifically.

Kit no.2 concentrate finger lime, $34. SHOP NOW

Cheap, cheerful but oh so effective, this just-launched serum from Kit leans on native finger lime, as well as lactic acid and poly hydroxy acids to brighten and smooth. It’s quite a gentle formula that is a top pick for dull, discoloured or mildly pigmented skin types.

Tatcha The texture tonic, $90. shop now

A top choice for normal to drier skin, Tatcha’s Texture Tonic contains alpha hydroxy acids, niacinamide and rice ferment to gently remove expired surface cells whilst improving skin hydration. It’s gentle enough to be used every second day (or daily for some) and will work long-term to ensure skin that’s even, bright and refined.

La Mer The Peeling oil, $410. SHOP NOW

Purveyors of luxury skincare will very much enjoy La Mer’s Peeling Oil. Interestingly, it unites phytic, lactic and salicylic acid within an oil base, alongside peptides, plant extracts and the brand’s iconic Miracle Broth to refine and renew the skin overnight. It’s more nourishing than most exfoliators, so is a great formula for dry, depleted complexions.

is clinical Active peel system, $170. SHOP NOW

For in-office results from home, it’s got the be iS Clinical’s Active Peel. The new, two-step system comes with an exfoliating wipe (thanks to plant acids) as well as a deactivating wipe that comes afterwards to stop the exfoliation process. This step also infuses peptides and antioxidants into the skin, leaving it softer, brighter and clarified. Despite the name, the system can be used as often as every second night, especially if you’re oily or prone to congestion.