Remember when the extent of your body care routine was whatever was on sale at the supermarket? Fast forward to now, and the skin below the neck is finally getting the care and industry attention it deserves. From serums to oils; resurfacing lotions to designer shower gel, the body product category has boomed in the last 18 months and we are 100% jumping on board with it.

In the below gallery, we’ve collated six of the most innovative new launches, all of which are designed to show the skin on your body some love (because why should our face have all the fun).

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U Beauty The Sculpt Arm Compound, $180. Shop now via Net-a-porter


The third product from new-wave skincare brand U Beauty is definitely unexpected, but we’re absolutely here for it. The Sculpt Arm Compound uses the brands Siren Capsule technology (a high tech, patented ingredient delivery system) to carry actives like retinol, stabilised vitamin C, glutathione and peptides past the surface of the skin. Because the skin on the underside of our arms lack sebaceous glands, it’s prone to sagging, but the aforementioned ingredients work to firm and tighten the area. It might not be the same as a week’s worth of F45, but it will tone and sculpt the skin over time.

Sol de Janeiro Bom Dia Bright Cream, $68. shop now
The latest launch from the brand behind the iconic Bum Bum cream is just as good (if not better) than its predecessor. The Bom Dia cream is essentially a thick butter that’s boosted with vitamin C and AHAs, so not only do you get nourishment, but a gentle resurfacing action as well. And don’t even get us started on the scent – like a tropical vacation but better. 

Arithmos Soothe Superfine Body Oil, $72. SHOP NOW

A slather of rich body oil after a hot shower is quite possibly one of the most luxurious beauty rituals there is; but even more so when the oil in question is a hand-mixed blend of camellia, jojoba, rose, geranium and frankincense from Australian brand Arithmos. Aside from smelling incredible, the Soothe Superfine Body Oil will calm nerves, nourish the skin and impart a subtle but healthy radiance.

Chanel Coco Mademoiselle Le Gel, $69. SHOP NOW

The iconic Coco Mademoiselle fragrance has been reimagined as a softly-perfumed hair and body wash. Upon contact with water, it creates a soft foamy lather that gently cleanses without drying. With its sweet floral redolence, the gel is designed to be used after a day in the sun – but we’re still calling on it to act as a little winter beauty pick-me-up.

Necessaire The Body Oil, $35. SHOP NOW

Necessaire is undoubtedly a driving force in the body care category, thanks to its sleek packaging, unisex appeal and clean but effective formulations. The latest launch is a cold-pressed, fragrance-free body oil made from a blend of organic hazelnut, sweet almond, macadamia, tamanu and marula. It’s rich but quickly absorbed, and leaves the skin feeling baby-soft. Those with dry skin could 100% use it on their face as well.

FENTY SKIN Butta Drop Whipped Oil Body Cream, $65. SHOP NOW

With a name like Butta Drop, you know this whipped oil cream from Fenty Skin is going to be seriously good. It’s a superlative blend of coconut oil, rice bran, shea butter and Rihanna’s favourite Barbados cherry extract, so is really effective when it comes to treating super dry, scaly limbs. While it’s not sticky in the slightest, it does leave a glorious sheen on the skin.