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Podcasts are having a moment, and it’s about time you get involved. From megastars recapping the shows that made them famous, behind-the-curtain looks into the fashion world, or people discussing cultural events—there’s so much content out there to absorb. And while a beauty podcast might sound a little silly (how can you talk about something so visual?), some of the best ones can teach, enlighten, and humor curious listeners. Ahead, GRAZIA rounded up some of the best podcasts out there for those who are obsessed with all things makeup, skincare, hair, you name it. 

Gloss Angeles

Beauty editors Kirbie Johnson and Sara Tan bring California sun to your ears with their stellar podcast about all things beauty. Gloss Angeles is a super-fitting name for the podcast, which feels like your cool LA friends chatting about what new in beauty, giving dope advice, and having a grand ol’ time alongside their famous guests like Michelle Phan, Tata Harper, and the list goes on (and on).

Listen to Gloss Angeles here.

Smell Ya Later

Beauty writers Sable Yong and Tynan Sinks go for the ultra-niche in this podcast all about fragrances. While it’s not quite Smell-O-Vision, these two love a Bath & Body Works fragrance as much as they love a Byredo one. This podcast does an incredible job of debunking and demystifying fragrance through regular interviews with house perfumiers and experts like Malin+Goetz founders Matthew Malin and Andrew Goetz.

Listen to Smell Ya Later here.

Fat Mascara

This award-winning podcast from industry veterans Jessica Matlin and Jennifer Goldstein truly is the one-way path to finding out what’s going to be the next big and thing in the beauty space. They have some of the biggest names in beauty giving advice on the pod—Jane Fonda, anyone?—and it’s not just about products; it’s also about how to be a success in the industry.

Listen to Fat Mascara here.

Breaking Beauty

Jill Dunn and Carlene Higgins, two beauty editors from Canada, cover “breakthrough people, products & moments in beauty” in this mega-popular podcast. If you love hearing the biggest names in beauty talk about their brands, this is definitely worth checking out.

Listen to Breaking Beauty here.

Black Girl in Om

Black Girl in Om isn’t just a podcast—it’s a space for generational healing for Black women and women of colour that happens to have a podcast. Hosted by Lauren Ash, the podcast focuses on wellness and healing through words of affirmation and transparency.

Listen to Black Girl in Om here.

Glowing Up With Esther and Caroline

Caroline Goldfarb and Esther Povitsky bring the funny to the beauty space with this hysterical podcast about their desire to what? Glow, glow, glow, according to the podcast’s theme song. The pair is makeup-obsessed and are eternally “on a mission to find their inner glowy goddess and share their findings about the worlds of beauty, health, diet, and all things glowy.”

Listen to Glowing Up With Esther and Caroline here.

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