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One thing the no make-up makeup movement prompted was a rethink of skincare by pushing the idea that investing in skin, rather than heavy make-up resulted in a more youthful appearance. Now the next step in anti-aging also steals from a make-up trend: contouring and highlighting. “People are understanding that it’s not just about lines and wrinkles or lack there of that can attribute to how old someone looks, it’s structure, definition and a strong jawline too,” says National Education Manager at Clinique, Melissa Elvin-Jensen, who’s new Sculptwear line taps into the contouring-via-skincare movement. “As we age muscles begin to go through atrophy and begin to break down, while the skin on top gets thinner and starts to drop so using products designed to lift and strengthen the skin will help regain that taught structure.”

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From instant-fix masks to creams that strengthen skin over time, this latest line-up of souped-up at-home lifting products borrow ingredients and technology from spas and clinics. Chanel Le Lift Restorative Oil combines jojoba, meadowfoam, shea butter extract and anti-aging compounds with the instant-chisel effects of a stimulating massage application too boost elasticity. Up the efforts of Clinique Sculptwear Contouring Massage Cream Mask by applying it in an upwards motion – or better yet via the brand’s now-cult Sonic Massaging Treatment Applicator, which prompts microcirculation for deeper penetration of ingredients and gives the complexion a rosy glow.

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Estée Lauder’s Expert Liquid Tape mimics a laser, delivering a targeted polymer serum to temporarily tightens and lifts. MagicStripes masks hook up around your ears so the collagen, caffeine and vitamins within can soak in and set your skin into place, while Klarity Lasertox kit works on reducing water retention, a common cause for puffiness, via a silicone pressure point belt that promotes stimulation. 
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Not that slow and steady doesn’t win the lifting race. Lancôme’s Rénergie Multi-Lift cream has a tension effect on the skin and a SPF15 to boot – and Shiseido Bio-Performance Advanced Super Restoring Cream deeply hydrates for less crepey skin, while the Bio-Renewal Complex within protects the skin’s fibroblasts against environmental damage, which can contribute to the breakdown to elastic and collagen overtime.
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