Montaigne in her Berlei Chrissy Bra

When Divinyls front-woman Chrissy Amphlett first told the world in song that she touched herself, she probably had something in mind that was more recreational than clinical but we’re certain the late singer would be happy her anthem now has a potentially life-saving hook.

Australian lingerie brand Berlei has created two new bras inspired by and in tribute to the late rock goddess who passed away from breast cancer in 2013, as part of a project called I Touch Myself that not only promotes what we’re told by multiple sources is a ridiculously comfortable piece of lingerie, but also the health message that women need to regularly check themselves.

To drive the message home, the brand enlisted half a dozen current female Aussie rockers to promote the all-black Chrissy Bras in a nation-wide campaign shot by rock photographer Tony Mott, with one hundred percent of profits being donated to Breast Cancer Network Australia.

Little May

“My dad’s mother died of breast cancer and so did her sister and mother,” said Liz Drummond, who posed with fellow Little May band members Hannah Field and Annie Hamilton. “It wasn’t until recently that I was aware the [breast cancer] genes exist and can be passed from either parent – father or mother. For me the next step is to go and get tested,” she told GRAZIA.

For singer Montaigne, the reason to strip down to her smalls for a public campaign was less specific but just as personal. “I bloody love life and living and I love having the people I love alive and well and if I am given an opportunity … to make people aware of any potential threats to their health and wellbeing, I want to do it,” she explained. “I’ve done the topless thing before – showing your private bits ain’t no thang,” she added of the campaign shots which have been plastered everywhere from billboards to shopping centre foyers and online.

“It was so funny doing this photo shoot in just our bras,” added Drummond. “We were all looking at each other saying imagine if five years ago we’d had a snapshot of this moment with no idea of what was happening.”

“At first we were like ‘whoa’ and it was a bit daunting, but it was such a fantastic thing to do.”

Their answer to the six million dollar question that’s common to all women  just how comfortable is the Chrissy T-shirt bra?  is the same. “The material’s really nice, and it dead set really is the most comfortable bra I’ve ever worn,” said Drummond. Montaigne, who told us she normally goes braless, concurred. “This is actually a joy to have on.” 


The Chrissy comes in two styles: the T-shirt Bra and the Post-Surgery Bra (the latter for women who have lived through cancer-related breast treatment). Both are available in store on and on the Berlei website now.

OTHER Aussie rockers who featured in the I Touch Myself campaign:

Ngaiire, who has survived cancer said she felt an extra connection to the campaign

Katy Steele

Abbey May

Virginia Lilye

Catherine Britt
All images courtesy Berlei