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While it’s no secret that the beauty and fashion world is always ready to embrace a health trend, in the era where cold-pressed, organic, sprouted and activated are all firmly rooted into the modern-day vocabulary, only the best of the wellness foodie fads truly stand the test of time.

It all started with the advent of the green smoothie vs green juice debate in 2013, followed by the global sugar cull of 2014. This year? A cursory glance thus far would indicate that 2016 is all about matcha. While its hardly a new concept, the tea ceremony has been long steeped into traditional Japanese culture, with  mainstream incorporation of the antioxidant-rich drink only recent.

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However this hasn’t stopped the green-tinged drink from amassing a strong, cult-like following. Victoria’s Secret model Alessandra Ambrosio, who is regularly pictured sporting her gym kit, is an avid fan, and so is fellow angel Romee Strijd, and Taylor Hill, with actress/ wellness warrior Gwyneth Paltrow even extolling the benefits of the hearty drink.

While we all know that the traditional cup of green tea provides a health boost in terms of antioxidants and a metabolism-boosting zap of energy, a cup of matcha offers all this and more, due to the fact that you’re consuming the actual leaf, and not just the infused tea.

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Even better, not only does one cup of matcha contain three times the amount of antioxidants than its brewed-former, the antioxidants make it the ultimate anti-ageing brew, while its rich chlorophyll content aids in body detoxification and the removal of heavy metals, poisons, dioxins, and hormone disrupters. Other (of the many) benefits include the fact that it works as a natural metabolism booster without the wired, jittery, effect (thanks to its amino acids), has been scientifically proven to inhibit breast tumour growth in mice, while its high levels of polyphenols, flavonoids, and antioxidants increase the body’s immunity against sickness… perfect for this time of the year where you’re constantly exposed to shifting temperatures in and out of the office.
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Keen to try? Just follow these easy steps for your guide to the ultimate guilt-free frappe.

Mix half a teaspoon to one teaspoon of matcha – vary depending on the grade of matcha, and how ‘acquired’ your tastes are.

Add just enough boiled water (preferably to 80c, too hot and you risk flattening the flavour palette) to dissolve the liquid.

Combine with your milk of choice be it whole milk, almond, rice or oat, however, the nuttiness, sweetness and creaminess of oat milk does blend well with the bitter notes in the matcha.

Shake or mix with ice, and et voila, you have a metabolism-boosting, nutrient-heavy beverage fit for the pool, a picnic or the office. Bon apetit!
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