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If the eyes are the window, I would guess that the brows then, are the doorframe; the entry point at which so many invite themselves into a room, or alternatively, to look at your face. Sadly, my brows are not, nor have they ever been, structurally sturdy. Rather, they’re sparse, uneven, and I have a gaping hole at the centre point of my right arch. It is for this reason that I am never without brow product. Concealer? Whatever. Mascara? Who needs it. But a brow pencil? On my person at all times (even whilst camping, flying, clubbing… you name it).

It is this brow-insecurity of mine that’s led me to trial and test many a product. Pomades, pencils, gels, and crayons all sit firmly within my repertoire, turning my kinda’ there brows into a set that’s full and fluffy. I’ve got a few favourites, but a new-ish launch from Benefit Cosmetics has really blown me (and my brows) away for a multitude of reasons. See why, below.

Benefit has long been my brand of choice for brow products thanks to its natural but varied spectrum of shades, easy formulas, and choice when it comes to application methods. While I’m privy to the virtue of their Precisely My Brow pencil (skinny, easy to use, always natural), I jumped at the opportunity to try the new Brow Styler Multitasking Pencil and Powder when it launched quite a few months ago. Characterised by a wax pencil on one end, and a soft airy powder on the other, it’s the perfect pairing of filling and sculpting; the powder truly adds thickness, whereas the wax pencil defines, and carves out a shape that I am otherwise lacking. My go-to method is to lightly map out a bit of a shape with the pencil end, draw in a few soft hair-like strokes, and finally fill in gaps with the powder. I’ll finish by brushing a clear gel through backwards to really add fluffiness, and then tidy by brushing back in the direction of growth. The end result is full brows that are neither too defined, or “drawn on”, which is a crime by my high standards as a beauty editor. Best for sparse brows that need just a little bit of help, the Multitasking Pencil and Styler is the next best thing to microblading – I promise.

Benefit Cosmetics BrowStyler Multitasking Pencil & Powder, $59. SHOP NOW

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