Bella Hadid is almost as synonymous with the clothes she wears when she’s off-duty as she is with her illustrious modelling career, becoming in recent years one of the industry’s most stylish women. Known for her love of all things vintage, Y2K and eye-catching, Hadid is often credited as being at the forefront of trends — or creating them just by walking out her front door.

If this week’s ‘fits are anything to go by, Hadid seems to be in the midst of a wardrobe vibe shift, ditching her frilly mini skirts and double denim combos in favour of low-key wardrobe staples like tank tops and gym shorts. 

Take the model’s three most recent outfit Instagram posts, for example. 

Two days ago, Hadid was photographed by the paparazzi walking the streets of New York wearing a pair of white shorts, a baggy blue T-shirt and colourful adidas sneakers with socks pulled up. Very low-key, very relaxed. 

NEW YORK, NEW YORK – JULY 23: Bella Hadid is seen in Tribeca on July 23, 2022 in New York City. (Photo by Gotham/GC Images)

She then posted the look to Instagram, albeit styling herself by rolling her shorts and tee rolled (which, naturally, looks far better), showing she’d worn it to partake in a new hobby: glass-blowing.

In Hadid’s next post, she’s simply in black bicycle shorts, a t-shirt and another pair of Nike sneakers, also with her white socks pulled up. Very low-key.

Then today, the 25-year-old merged her two most recent aesthetics — casual and Y2K — by wearing a black and pink tracksuit by none other than Rocawear, the Jay-Z-led fashion line from the mid-aughts.

With the iconic throwback two-piece, Hadid wore zero makeup, a white tee and a pair of red Chanel seeing glasses on her face.

On her feet, she continued her love of sneakers by donning a pair of vintage Nike Shox, which, given Adidas’ Gazelles are now harder to find than an air-con in London due to Hadid’s endorsements this year, are sure to soon be all over Gen Z.

Of course, Hadid’s recent decisions to wear — and post herself wearing — casual wardrobe staples probably doesn’t mean she’s retired from her fun, frill-loving way of life, but it does give the rest of us mere mortals more permission to keep our summer wardrobes relaxed and simple.

A Bella-approved white tank, bicycle shorts and sneakers look for summer is a big yes from me.