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They’re one of the most private couples in the spotlighted world. So secretive are Bella Hadid and The Weeknd (real name Abel Tesfaye) that they have only spoken to a select few outlets about their relationship. One of those was Rolling Stone. In an interview with the publication in October 2015, Tesfaye said before he met Hadid, he tried unsuccessfully to get her to appear on the front cover of his album Beauty Behind The Madness. “My motive was literally to work with her,” he said. But the model turned him down and instead suggested they meet up in person. From here, a relationship blossomed.                                

Now, they couldn’t be more coupled up. Huddled into a makeshift green room at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in Sydney, Bella Hadid smiled as she spoke about her boyfriend of seven months with GRAZIA. Just minutes before she was to hit the runway as the star of Misha Collection Resort 17, we asked her to denote a few Instagram moments, one being a picture of Tesfaye and her legs intertwined. “Oh, that’s a picture of my boyfriend and I, our legs I guess? Our shoes,” the model laughed. “And I liked our shoes. And we were literally just sitting like that for like three hours so I think I eventually just got bored and took the picture.”


The model also explained some stories behind other Instagram shots.

WITH HER BEST FRIEND: “Oh, that’s me and one of my best friends Jesse Jo [Stark]. She’s a singer so it was before her show at The Roxy [in West Hollywood]. She actually had a pant suit and last minute we decided to cut it and make it into shorts so I was literally sewing her shorts so there was no seam and literally pin it on with safety pins. It ended up looking so dope once we were done with it but I was literally sitting there in her backstage room trying to figure it out.”


HOLIDAYING WITH FRIENDS: “Ooh, that’s embarrassing! Also with my friend Jesse Jo for her birthday. We went to… was that St Barts? Right, yeah… we went to St Barts and that’s just a couple of our good friends and we were just in the pool. It’s nice and relaxed so we were just hanging out.”


WITH GIGI HADID: “That’s a picture of my sister [Gigi Hadid] and I. We hadn’t seen each other in a  long time and we had a sleepover and then the next day we went to Starbucks. And I got a Starbucks and I was walking across the street and that’s it!”


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