Last week, a friend of mine asked me to help her decide out of three denim dresses she’d bought for an occasion. Denim dresses? I was perplexed. Surely not. The denim dress is not back. A quick riposte confirmed the news. “Yep, the denim dress is back!” Right. I mulled over her sartorial forecast for a few days, slowly digesting the idea that soon I too would be searching for 501’s in dress form, and then lo and behold, a week later Bella Hadid hit the streets of New York City in a white denim dress by Rihanna’s forthcoming Fenty Line. I was shook, naturally. Could it be?

Hadid’s Fenty variation bore all the hallmarks of Riri’s daring style; oversized at the sleeve, cinched at the waist, micro at the hem, the white cocoon-sleeved corset dress not only an indicator of what’s to come but a catalyst for the denim dress revolution which is seemingly upon us. If Bella’s doing it, we’ll all be doing it – isn’ t that how the style rhetoric now goes?

But Hadid isn’t the only celebrity to jump aboard the denim train. In case you missed it (I did), earlier in the week Kylie Jenner also wore a denim dress – but Kylie-fied. This was no ordinary classic cut denim, rather, a tricked-up graffiti-sprayed micro mini by party-pedlars, Halpern, which to the naked eye didn’t even appear to be denim at all (ah, the versatility). The style has since sold out (of course), but it doesn’t mean you can’t fulfil your true denim dress potential.


Here, a selection of denim dresses to try should you wish to indulge in a little neo-nostalgia. From Zara’s near-identical number to a vintage YSL number we think both Bella and Kylie would back, hit refresh on an old faithful with the following.

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