NEW YORK CITY: Brandon Maxwell’s show notes are sitting atop of each seat at Penn Plaza Pavilion on 7th and West 33rd ahead of his Fall 19 show. “Each collection [is] a response to the one that came before,” it begins. With that in mind we couldn’t help but wonder, what could be more glam than Maxwell’s Spring 19 Perspex Rosé holder? In short, chicken wings.

Like Sandra Bullock to a blindfold and Ariana Grande to a lyrical sting, after a glass of a blushing French drop, chicken is the clear follow-up star of this season.

It appeared Maxwell’s backstage pre-event was sponsored by Wingstop – a fast-food restaurant serving up hickory smoked-BBQ and garlic parmesan poultry dreams for the models and guests. It did seem a bizarre alignment to us as well; How did the messiest, sauciest, finger-lickin’ canape make its ways to the top of the NYFW backstage accessories list? But in a (fashion) world where you can wire millions to a con artist pretending to be Kanye West, Maxwell probably thought it sensible to partner with a less-fickle brand, like a chicken shop.

Just like his Spring 19 show in September, Maxwell didn’t attempt to disrupt the fashion scene with a new trend or cut this Fall. Everything – in its plainspoken quality – was wearable and approachable, a reason Meghan Markle gravitates towards Maxwell’s creations when she’s due for a Givenchy reprieve. His designs are relatable. And do you know what else is relatable? People eating chicken.

Maxwell adoringly dedicated his collection to his mother who walked the runway with him during the finale. “The collection is the physical manifestation of the strength my mom and so many women in my life have shown over the past few months,” he wrote. “I am here tonight because of their strength; women who so effortlessly turn the cold concrete of reality into a home. It’s always for you, Mom.”

We’ll toast to that. With last season’s Rosé.