Bella Hadid wearing a top by Kukhareva London to celebrate her 24th birthday.

The Hadids, Kardashian-Jenners and Bieber-Baldwins of the world don’t much interest me as a whole, but out of the group there’s one woman I’ve a spot spot for: Bella Hadid, who’s currently off living her best life celebrating her 24th birthday with friends.

Despite being one of the most in-demand models in the world, Hadid is famous for being one of the nicest models in the industry – something I’d heard secondhand a few times before I met her in person in 2018 and she confirmed the rumours instantly.

Niceness aside, Hadid uses her privilege and platform – a cool 34 million-plus on Instagram alone – to speak out about politics, racial injustices, climate change and humanitarian crisis’, while somehow managing to reply to her follower’s comments and DMs and be an all-round good human.

So to see Hadid celebrating her 24th birthday with her best friends in some unknown tropical location doesn’t make me envious as I sit in a London apartment awaiting yet another lockdown, in fact, it makes me rather happy.

“I usually cancel any kind of big birthday celebration so this year I just wanted to take my beautiful friends on an adventure that was absolutely non-refundable,” she shared on Instagram, before posting a whole bunch of videos and photos from the trip, including a roast of friend Kylie Jenner and a TikTok type spliced-together song.

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A few elixirs

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Hadid also shared a message to her followers, writing that this year has been “overwhelmingly up and down,” but that she credits them for helping her to feel less alone.

“Kissing and hugging every one of you from my soul to yours. thank you for the birthday love. this year has been overwhelmingly up and down , but all around I feel so grateful to be alive. a year of growth, change, lots of self-realisations and manifestations. thank you for being here to watch me grow .. ur support means the world to me and during a very melancholy year, you made me feel a lot less alone .. thank you 🥺❤️”

Of course, Hadid’s older sister, Gigi, was missing from the trip due to her just giving birth to her first child with boyfriend, Zayn Malik. Taking to Instagram to share a message for the birthday girl, Gigi wrote, “Today I celebrate, but am always grateful for, the 24 years that I have been blessed with my baby sister @bellahadid who always has my back and brings me the yummiest treats 🧁🦋 I am so proud of your constant growth and light. You have a beautiful heart and I wish you a year of every opportunity to do what makes you the most fulfilled, sharing that magic💞 near and far. 🌍 WHO LOVES YOU?! YOUR SISTER. Have the best day !!!!!! 🍸🏝 HAPPY BDAY”

Happy birthday, Bella. Keep being the best.