Hailey Bieber style

We’ve all collectively become very accustomed to a new kind of fashion currency: tracksuits, top-knots, no bras, basically comfort-anything (and everything!). But with things slowly returning to some kind of normal, one must now consider their “going out” look, because quite frankly, tatty track pants and moccasins won’t cut a glamorous life in the great outdoors. And leading the way with casual-yet-virtuous looks is Mrs Justin Bieber herself, Hailey Bieber.

Out in LA over the weekend, Bieber made a quick dash to the gas station in a look equal parts comfy and chic. Sure, it still had the hallmarks of comfort-dressing – the wooly jumper, the white sneakers and bobby socks, the pulled-back hair – but it was elevated, a chic take on dressed-down style.

Of course, the easiest way to elevate a casual piece is by blasting the words CHANEL across it, but aside from the gloriously fuzzy Chanel jumper, there was also By Far’s black patent Amber Bag, a modern take on the hobo bag which ruled the ’90s. Glints of gold also added a dash of pizazz; a pair of chunky gold hoops (a Hailey Bieber staple) and no doubt a very pricey gold watch (a celeb staple).

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But perhaps the chicest part of her look were the stylish protective accoutrements. She wore a pair of delicate black gloves and matching black mask which bore the stamp of a yellow logo. Upon first glance, it reads: EW. And while that slogan does actually resonate in the current virulent climate of coughing et al., it actually reads: DREW, husband Justin Bieber’s brand. Because no celebrity outfit is complete without a little brand endorsement, right?


Nonetheless, Hailey Bieber’s pared-back yet very cool outfit is a good look to bookmark instead of frantically googling: what do I wear to leave the house?!

You can also shop her super-cute By Far bag below.


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