batbfinaltrailerIf Disney’s strategy is to slowly but surely lure us under the spell of the new Beauty And The Beast movie, it’s working.

With every trailer for the live-action remake released, each one revealing a little more than the last, our desire to return to the world of Belle, the Beast, the castle and its crew of animated object grows stronger. And with the final and longest trailer released this week, the March 17 premiere feels frustratingly far away.

The new two-and-a-half-minute trailer does a better job of setting the scene than other sneak peeks. It shows Belle, played by Emma Watson, reading books and feeling a little bored in her small town in the French countryside, courted by the handsome but empty-headed Gaston, when things take a dark and dramatic turn.

The remake of the classic 1991 cartoon stars Emma Watson as Belle and Dan Stevens as the Beast, and is this latest trailer is anything to go by, appears to have captured that mix of magic and melancholy that made the original Beauty And The Beast an instant classic.

Beauty And The Beast hits cinemas on March 17. Watch the final trailer below.