Banksy's "Tribute Girl with Balloon"
Banksy’s “Tribute Girl with Balloon” (Photo: Alexi Rosenfeld/Getty Images)

An exhibition dedicated to the enigmatic British street artist Banksy is set to unveil in New York this August. Banksy Expo: Genius or Vandal? is a new immersive experience featuring over 80 “genuine, authenticated artworks by Banksy, from private European collections” that has already garnered unprecedented success in 15 other cities around the world. 

According to the exhibition’s site, this expo will also feature “an impressive multimedia installation” that includes “revealing clues of the mystery artist and highlighting his most important pieces — framing his unusual career wrapped in controversy.” In addition to flaunting the largest collection of artworks by Banksy, the exhibition “presents art installations, photos, and videos showing street works by Banksy, which are currently mostly lost, in what was their original organic environment.” The graffiti artist is known for his politically provocative artwork in largely public spaces and over time has ascended to an international phenomenon while maintaining his anonymity. Staying on brand with this elusiveness, the exhibit has not been authorised by the artist himself, “who remains anonymous and independent from the system.”  

To adhere to COVID-19 protocols, all spaces at the venue were organised with social distancing in mind. The site states: “Banksy:Genius or Vandal? has been organised with the highest safety measures in mind and respecting social distance. The exhibition takes place in a spacious venue and is suitable for the general public including families, school groups, couples and the elderly.” As of late, the exact location of the show, which will run from 60 to 80 minutes, has not been announced but tickets will officially go on sale on May 4 at 12 pm EST. And, there is no need to fret over securing a coveted ticket as anticipating attendees can join the waitlist to get all of the exclusive access details ahead of the general public.