Credit: Instagram @hernameisbanks

American singer-songwriter Banks hasn’t released new music since late last year’s teaser single, Better. And if you were the lucky few to witness her mesmerising stage show live at Laneway Festival in 2015, you’d be well acquainted with the heavenly sound that was her GODDESS LP. Remarkably seasoned beyond her experience, her sultry and breathy vocals and moody beats saw tracks like Drowning and Beggin for Thread rise meteorically on the charts and catch the attention of The Weeknd who invited the Lauryn Hill-inspired singer to support his 2013 tour. Then came a lull. A real-life Waiting Game for new music. (Trivia: This song, from her 2013 EP London was chosen as the Victoria Secret holiday commercial cover track.) 

Late last year, the LA-born musician emerged from hiatus with her first major release in Better but it’s today we see a new direction with the premiere of her new song F*ck With Myself via its official visual. “[It’s about] being your own best friend, your own mother, and your own lover,” Banks says in a press release. The video quite literally lives up to it’s title, Banks disturbingly meddling with her bald self before setting her alight.

Her new album is slated for release on September 30.