Pah∙jah∙mah? Pie∙jar∙may? Pee Ja’mie?

It’s fair to say the most overheard question on the minds of those who attended the unveiling of Bambi Northwood-Blyth and Dan Single’s new line last week was how exactly we were supposed to pronounce the nom de sleepwear which we’d come to see. 

Minor qualms with accents aside, a curious MBFWA delegation made its way to The Ivy late last Thursday evening, filed dutifully into its refreshingly spacious elevators and slipped into a pair of P.Jamé’s monogrammed silver pyjamas with white piping – one of the week’s more practical souvenirs.

From there, it was up to the Penthouse, where the very vision of a bacchanalian Bondi supermodel sleepover was taking place and models including America’s Next Top Model alum Winnie Harlowe and Instagram darling Inka Williams could be found cavorting in the label’s ‘Baller’ and ‘Boudoir’ styles, differentiated by loud pop art prints and subdued monochrome separates respectively.

A veritable #content hotbed of highly ‘grammable moments abided over by international Fashion Week favourite Mademoiselle Yulia, Single and Bambi’s debut P.Jamé party was every part the conceptual presentation the full-browed model promised us earlier that day when she hopped into bed with Yulia for a one-on-one chat canvassing the new collection’s two year gestation process, the trials and tribulations of Fashion Week, failsafe bangers and the best piece of advice Rihanna has ever given her.

Watch what happened below.

Credit: E. Michael Wolf @shootcreative

Tile image: @bambilegit

Cover image: @thecobrasnake