Bambi Northwood-Blyth is the model with the good brows. The Australian-born, now NYC-based model is also the girl with the good legs, hence why Australian pantyhose powerhouse, Voodoo Hosiery, enlisted the model (and her pins) to front the latest campaign for the brand.

Lensed by her bestie and 4th And Bleeker blogger, Alexandra Spencer, the glamorous girls took to the streets of New York – blanketed in snow – in just a pair or pantyhose (and those brows, of course).

Taking some reprieve from the cold, the model chats exclusively to GRAZIA about a preoccupation with masking (see: all over her Instagram), what her makeup routine looks like and how she really has fun in a pair of fishnets.

Here, a visual lexicon of stockings, skincare and sweating it out. Plus, some great brow advice.

How do you wear your Voodoo?
With a little black dress, their hosiery brings my whole outfit together, and is so appropriate for NYC style.

What’s the wildest thing you’ve ever done in your Voodoo’s?
Pictured in the campaign, we took a (doorless!) helicopter over Manhattan with Alex Spencer and have our legs clad in colour burst tights hanging over the city. We were so cold, I don’t think we realised how wild it was – until we got the film back!

What are you favourite skincare brands?
I don’t know if you know, skin care and trying new products is my favourite thing, so I’ll try and keep it short!  I love Dermalogica for every day reliable cleansing and moisturise. Skinceuticals (has amazing serums) for a breakout, Skin Medica tinted sunscreen for every day, and the H5 Hydrating Serum. I love a dry brush, some Nuxe Oil, everything from Ouai haircare. I swear you’ll never look back.

What are you favourite makeup brands?
Tom Ford and Bobbi Brown, hands down. The foundation stick, AND matching brush is a MUST from Tom Ford. It seems like an investment, but it lasts and makes you look like you have nothing on. All the Bobbi Brown colours for the eyes are amazing. Chanel Bronzer, mac clear eyebrow gel, brown eye liner (you can fill a brow or darker eyes), and the glossier lip tint for lips and cheeks.

Tell us about your daily beauty routine…
Are you sure you have enough time?! Ummmm I start with Cosmedix Purity Cleanser, Ouai Shampoo and Conditioner (it seriously gives my usually flat hair so much volume and life!). I use Skin Medica Tinted Sunscreen, concealer depending, ALWAYS an eyelash curler, Tom Ford Sculpt and Illuminate contour on my eyes and cheeks, a little bronzer and La Mer The Mist to make it all dewy and stay put and Nuxe Oil all over my body and dry shampoo (even after a fresh wash).

And how does this change for night?
I add more eye, I love the Smith and Cult Lash Dance Mascara and Benefit Brown Eye Liner on the top lid ONLY. Then maybe a darker lip and put my hair back into a low bun.

What’s a unique makeup tip you’ve learnt and do?
Paw Paw for everything, I use it not only on my lips, but eyelids for a glossy eye, on the cheeks for some sheen, my cuticles when they are dry! Also Bronzer makes a good emergency dry shampoo for the front of you hair.

You like to have fun with colour – how do you best like to wear colour on your face?
Eyes! We did a blue eye look in the campaign which I love. Tobi Henney is one my favourite makeup artists, and I trust her (which is essential for me), so I really let her play with colours and styles, on both lips, cheeks and eyes.

OK, the brows. What do you do with them? What don’t you do? What advice to you have to young girls with big brows?
I never fill them in, I just like to use glossier Boy Brow or M.A.C Clear Brow Gel to keep them still! And for young girls, you’ll get older, and they’ll get cooler and if not, well we’ll be in the same boat lol.

You’re the queen of masking – what are you favourite masks? And how often do you do them?
I loveeeeeee masks. I love Skyn Iceland ones (they have lots). I really like these because they are a sticker, which helps when your en route to a job and stops it from sliding down your neck and they are minty! If I’m doing something like an event or red carpet and I want glowing skin, the 111Skin – Rose Gold brightening mask is so amazing! And Equal beauty by Jess Gomes under eye masks are a saviour after a long flight.

Who do you see for your skin? And what are your favourite spas / salons?
I see Marianne Kehoe in LA, she is seriously a dream and has saved my skin. I can even explain what she does, you have to experience it!

What’s your ultimate skincare tip?

You like to have a good time, what beauty advice can you share to fellow party animals (like us!)?
Pretend to drink, and really drink water. Hydrated skin is essential.

What are you travelling tips when it comes to beauty, diet and fitness?
Stay focused, get as much sleep as you can. As soon as I stop sleeping, everything else fails. So sleep, followed by exercise, I love to run and it clears my head! Have a great playlist, travel with a candle so you can make new spaces smell like your own, bring a teddy, call your friends!

What does your plate look like typically? And what is your favourite exercise?
I love yoga, pilates, running and long long long walks. My plate is very structured as I have Type 1 Diabetes, so usually an Amazing Grass shake with water for breakfast, salad and protein for lunch and repeat that for dinner. I like to snack on fresh fruits, veggies and nuts.

lastly, Describe your ultimate night out – what you’re wearing, how your makeup is, how your hair is, where you go, who you’re with, where (and who) you have breakfast the next morning…
Pretty much what we did for our Voodoo shoot in NYC ! I had my girls, Alex Spencer, Lauren Leekley, Jess and Tobi. I had my sheer black Voodoo ‘Touch’ stockings on, with the black ‘Christy’ Realisation Par dress. Hair I put back in a low middle part bun, I had a fun pop of colour on my eyes and clean skin. We went around the neighbourhoods of NYC, from Soho to Little Italy, Lower East Side and ended up in Chinatown hopping through all the little bars (I don’t like clubs!). Listening to chill music, laughing til we cried! We had a sleepover and drank so much coffee, and ate take away Vietnamese in the car on the way to the airport together… and shared a few tears when we all flew our separate ways.