Recently, lipstick has run the entire gamut of colour. There’s been grey lipstick. Purple lipstick. Even black. And now Balmain and L’Oreal are about to make you reach for green, as they attempt to make khaki lipstick a thing.

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Credit: Instagram, @balmain
Much like Olivier Rousteing’s forever glamorous Balmain Army, the lipsticks have been ranked into tribes, three, to be exact, and packaged via catchy little hashtags for their millennial audience to digest with glee (and splayed decadently amongst gold hardware – a signature trope of Rousteing’s Balmain). There’s the #RockTribe, which includes a ‘90s-inspired cadre of lipsticks: dark brown called Powerful, grey named Legend, blue called Rebellion and purple, Freedom.

The next troupe reaches haute proportions, with the #CoutureTribe, featuring bold red – Dominion, deep purple – Liberation, coral – Confession, and shimmery rose gold – Confidence.

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Credit: Instagram, @balmain
However it’s the last tribe, the very Balmain #GlamazoneTribe, which has really stirred the beauty pot, boasting a shade of khaki, aptly coined Balmain Instinct. Tapping into Rousteing’s patent predilection for the utilitarian shade of green, the lipstick is ultimately the buttoned blazer beaut-ifed. And unlike other lipsticks which depict a wildly colourful bullet but when worn, change, when swatched, Balmain Instinct comes out green. Very green.

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Credit: Instagram, @balmain
The remaining cast members are tonally analogous – with a burnt orange – Fever, a rich brown – Glamazone and a biscuit beige Urban Safari. 

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Credit: Instagram, @balmain
Whilst we cannot contain our excitement for the collaboration as a whole, we think it best to leave this one to the experts – or models. Unless, of course, you’re a brazen boundary pusher – go green, glamazon.