Macro v Micro: Balenciaga looms next to Saint Laurent, Louis Vuitton and Bulgari (shop below)
Credit: Sevak Babakhani (Photographer), Dané Stojanovic (Art Director)

There’s a growing sentiment among accessories aficionados at the moment: petite might seem sweet, but it also packs a powerful style punch. Designers have been shrinking their bag wares for several seasons, but never more so than now, as they serve as a visual balance to the swelling platform heels and oversized sunglasses that have returned to favour.

At Valentino, Pierpaolo Piccioli had models cross themselves with microscopic little numbers that were big enough to carry a credit card and/or lipstick, but definitely not both (choose your priority, ladies). Coach, Fendi, Saint Laurent and Bulgari all embraced similarly miniscule proportions.

But for every tiny-bag proponent who argues that less is more (and granted, a compact cross-body does tend to be more streamlined and easy to wear), there’s a diehard oversized tote fan who regards the aforementioned minis more ridiculous than sublime.

To them, then, we say this: mind carrying our phones and keys?

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