Romance Was Born can always be trusted to bring a touch of theatrical drama to the MBFWA catwalks, and with it equally eclectic beauty looks backstage. While make-up artists and hair stylists have been sending out slices of colour and playful make-up all week so far, we knew the beauty team responsible for supporting Anna Plunkett and Luke Sales’ Resort 2017 collection would step things up even further with some seriously memory-making beauty moments.

Credit: Getty Images 

Alan White was at the helm of the KMS hair team, who all set up their stations in a car port far bigger than most Sydney Eastern Suburbs apartments, situated adjacent to the Darling Point mansion where the show would later take place. The sun was shining outside, the smell of KMS Free Shape spray was in the air and Alan White was working his magic.

“I’m thinking Liberace’s daughter circa 2016. I’m channelling the curl… realistically multiple curls on mass,” he said, as he teased Ruby Jean Wilson’s blonde bob into a 10cm wide halo above her head.

“Yeah this is my real hair, I love it, I’m nervous ha ha,” giggled the model, and Fashion Week pro. 20 models with 20 dramatically curled looks, White and his team had their work cut out for them.

Credit: Getty Images

Boosting the hair from the get-go via KMS Styling Foam and Root and Body Lift, the team danced between the Free Shape styling range and the cult Hair Play Texture products to give the girls varying levels of hold power.

To an untrained eye there would appear to be no rhyme or reason happening, but White was their perfect hair play maker for the eclectic collection. “I love the whispering angel theme of this year’s Romance show it allows me to be delicate with the hair textures and shapes and no boundaries to what goes on up there in hair heaven!”