Taylor Hill getting the Angel Treatment

The wings are suspended. The multi-million dollar bras clasped. The pink satin (this time sprigging floral embroidery) is draped around glossy limbs which have undergone the pace and rigour of athletes and the like. In a haze of hairspray and the heat of the tong; we bring you the Victoria’s Secret beauty lessons of 2017.

Angels are doing it for themselves (not really, they have colossal glam squads doing it, but we still love)

Volume is life
The higher the hair, the closer to God. They are Angels after all.

Elsa Hosk getting some backcomb action

The bigger the better when it comes to Angel lash 101: fluttery, fanning and super-sized, always.

Martha Hunt gets lash-y

The Old School Roll Is Your Ticket to The perfect curl
Much like the great women before us, the Angels know the humble roller is steadfast in its mission in producing the perfect curl. Point in case: every Victoria’s Secret Show.

Blanca Padilla gets rolls up backstage

Just because they are model deities in the Godly hands of the best makeup and hair artists in the world does not make them exempt from the practise of masking (particularly the pout plumping mask, v. important).

Alanna Arrington keeps under eyes and lips plump with masks

Creamy Pink Is the new gloss
So long super juicy, glossed-up lips, matte in finish and super creamy was the order on everyone (read: most) Angels lips, with Lily giving us a beautifully tea rose rendition.

Lily Aldridge is sweet as pie backstage

The smoky wing is in
Wobbly hands rejoice. The precise, inky, gel-based liners of seasons past were swapped for an equally dramatic winged line, this time however, chalky, chocolate shadow.

Taylor Hill and those eyes

Embrace your natural curl, girl
A welcome Angel lesson, the beauty shift towards individuality did not stray when it came to Victoria’s Secret this year, with girls embracing their natural texture.

Aiden Curtiss stays curly

Hey there, cherub cheeks
Sweeping, rosy and angelic; a profound dusting of coral blush made the Angels rosy and feminine.

Frida Aasen makes us blush

Blow out that pout
Finally, in the (visual) words of Bella: separate that pout. Keep lips slightly ajar when going in for the kill (kiss), this keeps them pillowy not pursed, for your best Angel face yet.

Bella Hadid puckers up