“Took my bitch to the snow,” wrote Kylie Jenner in the first of many snow-themed photos on her Instagram. Against a white backdrop of snow-capped pine-trees and cosy wooden cabins, Jenner cozied up to friend Yris Palmer in matching outfits. But this was no ordinary après ski, and this, of course, was no ordinary ski trip.

Forever a fan of friendly twinning (she spent an entire holiday twinning with Anastasia Karanikolaou in the Turks and Caicos and “played” golf with her in an identical Chanel twin-set), Jenner has again indulged a moment of matching Chanel, this time in the snow with Palmer.

Cuddling up in black and white bodysuits (which seem a little too sheer for sub-zero temperatures if you ask us), the girls complimented their onesies with fur stoles, gloves and cuffs by Chanel. Their luxurious fuzzy accoutrements were emblazoned with that iconic CC, with Jenner in white and Palmer in black.


However, when Kylie Jenner retreated to her cabin after a long day on the slopes (or rather, posing and pouting), she had a costume change, swapping into a sheer black ribbed turtleneck and fitted leather pants. This time, her accessories included furry Chanel earmuffs and a glass of white wine, whilst asking fans the age-old question: “white or red wine?” Either way, let’s cheers to Chanel in the snow.