Given her eponymous brand probably enjoys more cool-factor than any other affordable jeweller in Australia right now (those marble stud earrings were like a sorority ring to the local fashion media last year) Amber Sceats could probably have rested on her laurels a little.

Instead, the celebrity favourite has upped the ante on her already cult-like bling for winter. Along with shooting 4th and bleeker blogger and Realisation Par founder, Alexandra Spencer, as the face of her new 90210 collection (on sale July 1), Sceats has taken her design aesthetic in an even edgier new direction.

We spoke to the Sydney-based designer about her take on jewellery trends both now and next season, working with Spencer and designing with Cara Delevingne in mind.

VIDEO EXCLUSIVE: first glimpses of Realisation Par designer, model and 4th and bleeker blogger, Alexandra Spencer, in the 90210 campaign for Amber Sceats

HOW DID THE COLLABORATION WITH ALEXANDRA HAPPEN? “I was in talks with her management as I’d envisioned her to be the perfect fit for the campaign. Alex is quite selective with brands she works with – I wanted her to understand the direction I was taking mine, [so] I sent her a few samples and then amazingly everything came together from there.” 

Why her? “I love her effortless and raw beauty. Her unique ‘canvas’ truly complements my latest collection of mixed metals and introduction of two-tone. This unique but powerful combo truly sets the scene for 90210.”

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WHERE WAS IT SHOT? “In a breathtakingly beautiful house overlooking Los Angeles. With Alexandra based in the United States and my photographerPierre Toussaint travelling through there, it made sense to pack up my Australian team and shoot 90210 in the rolling hills of LA.”

WHAT WAS THE MOST MEMORABLE THING ABOUT THE DAY? “Have you ever driven up these LA hills? The dusty track up to the house was super tiny, especially compared to the roads in Australia. Gazing down the cliffs definitely had my heart beating through my chest. Now that’s a calm way to start a campaign shoot…”

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Where there any nightmares? “Organising the team and location, plus general complexities like delayed samples from Sydney, not to mention the time difference with LA. I flew over only days before the shoot, but everything went smoothly on the day and I miraculously pushed through the jet lag.”

What’s the hottest jewellery trend taking us through winter to next spring? “Chokers are definitely here to stay. Whether it be more of a leather tie or simple gold accent by day, by night you will see a much bolder approach. It’s such a simple piece to wear too.”

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This collection’s very different to your others “I really wanted to strip back a few layers from my past collections. I kept it simple, sophisticated yet innovative – much like my personal style – and think mixed metals and introduction of two-tone. I feel this collection came together more organically and just made sense to my style now. I’m so excited to launch it.”

What’s your favourite new piece? “There are a few pieces I have already had in high rotation. My fave piece does change from week to week but I would say the Logan Earrings right now. They’re strong yet simplistic – my winter staple.”

new earrings 1280 X 720 SPLIT TEMPLATE
Amber Sceats, Logan Earrings. SHOP NOW (from July 1)

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Do you design with a particular type of woman in mind? “Kate Moss has always been one of my muses and icons. I don’t generally have anyone in mind whilst I am designing, but my mood – or should I say muses – of the moment are Cara Delevingne, Ruby Rose and Taylor Hill.”

Your most popular ever piece to date? “The Pearl Studs, which were later developed with marble known as the Ellipsea studs. These are unique yet classic, the perfect day-to-night accessory and a style that’s always in high rotation. In 90210, the Zeek Earrings. These are a cubic shape and style-wise, have a stronger feel to them.”

new zeek
Amber Sceats, Zeek Earrings. SHOP NOW (from July 1)

When was your “wow, I’ve made it” moment? “I don’t [remember] a key moment as such but definitely when I see celebrities [in my jewellery]. Taylor Swift and Ruby Rose have been spotted wearing a few pieces of late and those were very much a WOW moment.”

Who else would you love to see in them? “I love celebrities with more of an organic or real vibe. I would love to see Cara Delevingne wearing Amber Sceats. Cara is a natural beauty, unique with an edge of masculine in her style and most importantly knows who she is and what she wants.”

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All images: Pierre Toussaint for Amber Sceats