By virtue of reading this sentence, you’re evidently not tired of hearing about MBFWA. Congratulations, you made it.

Herewith, our roaming reporters picks for Best In Show to sate your appetite for even more Fashion Week content, just when you thought you’d seen it all.

Best vibe
Despite an open bar, a lavish banquet and a crowd peppered with lithe models with pussy bows and bell sleeved mini dresses, Alice McCall’s Resort 2017 presentation, Between Us, avoided the hedonistic bacchanalian vibes of other after hours events. Taking over two-hatted meat temple Porteno for one night only, the mood was equal part opiate and opulent. It was, put simply, good old fashioned fun.

Models at Alice McCall’s Resort 2017 presentation, Between Us
Credit: Getty Images

Most iconic  
If you are unaware of who Catherine Baba is then you need leave immediately. JK! But for real, Google her now, we’ll be waiting right here. We were lucky enough to bask in the **iconic** Australian-born, Paris-based stylist’s presence at McCall’s presentation. To overhear her speak is to be washed in literal pearls of chic wisdom. Our favourite?

“Knowledge is gold, but execution is everything, ma chère.” 
Truly, madly, deeply. Iconic. 

MBFWA 2016’s antipodean MVP, Paris-based Australian stylist Catherine Baba
Credit: Getty Images
Best splatwalk
Get it, splatwalk? Alright, give us a break, it’s been a long week. Sure it wasn’t a cartoonish splat but one poor model had quite the spill on the so-glossy-you-could-see-your-face runway at Maticevski’s opening show on Sunday. Smiling through it the whole way, we’re giving her an A++ for not collapsing into a shiny puddle of tears. 

Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

GoneCredit: Getty Images

Best actual example of Resort
Presented in a climate of the kind where resortwear is not a formality but a necessity, Christopher Esber’s Resort 2017 presentation at One Hot Yoga in Potts Point featured some of the week’s best actual examples clothing apropos to resorts. Esber built on themes explored in last year’s collection – Swarovski crystal embellished netting and slouchy linens – with new additions, including great bold knot details and even greater volumes. Then this happened.

Christopher Esber’s haute Resort 2017 presentation at One Hot Yoga in Potts Point
Credit: Lucas Dawson, supplied courtesy of Christopher Esber

Best accessories
GRAZIA Fashion Director Aileen Marr’s pick of the week? “I loved Ryan Storer’s amazingly striking customised pieces at Maticevski – they added an S&M severity to the timeless looks.” Honorable mention goes to the pragmatic yet elegantly unexpected Teva sandal spotted at Georgia Alice, Karla Spetic and Duskii. 

Toni Maticevski Resort 2017 
Credit: Getty

Georgia Alice Resort 2017
Credit: Getty

Most chic assistant 
You know you’ve got friends in high places when you’ve got an accomplished designer in his own right helping backstage. The lovely Michael Lo Sordo was spotted backstage at Albus Lumen lending an assisting hand to old friend Marina Afonina. Bless. 

Biggest Tanty
Me. Today. When my intern forgot to add sugar to my already lukewarm coffee. Kidding! I don’t take sugar. Tantrum of the week goes to one tired looking model who teetered close to meltdown point when she discovered that the Laura Mercier foundation being liberally applied to her face was indeed, not organic (duh?). She demanded the makeup artist go and wash her brush and find an alternative and will, I assume, never be booked again. We scurried away with glee and tweeted the below:


Best overheard 
It’s a toss up between:




You can read the rest of our #overheard highlights here and here.  

Best swag

We get it, times are tough for the fashion industry but there’s only so many Lady-Jane hair ties that one person needs. How’s this for a list of ACTUALLY GOOD goodies from We Are Kindred:

Vidal Sassoon hair straightener 
Ominilux facial voucher (WIN)
Candle Library candle
Laura Mercier eye make palette
Elizabeth Arden Pro moisturiser
By Charlotte bracelet 
Scunci hair brush

Credit: Supplied


Best life-changing experience
The sage poet, Beyoncé Knowles, once wrote, “We escalate, up in this bitch like elevators. Of course sometimes shit go down when it’s an MBFWA elevator.”

Or words to that effect, and now, having spent a life-changing half-hour in a sweaty metal case of emotion with eight other show-goers, we too can vouch for the truth of that sentiment.

Literally, best in show 
We’ve trademarked it. It’s ours. Behold: Fashion Dog ™


Most (Non) organic street style moment 

ICYMI, street style is no longer a casual capturing of showgoers as they enter and exit show locations. It’s big business that elicits even bigger dollar signs for bloggers who can have their careers launched if the right photographer captures them at the right time. Which is why we witnessed many (mostly staged) moments out on the street catwalk of the Carriageworks entrance where you’ll find a scrum of photographers snapping as bloggers repeat the same kick, laugh or faux rummage through their Gucci Dionysus bag until they know they’ve got the shot. Below is just one of countless scenes that plays out every day at MBFWA. See all of the street style moments here. 

By Nicholas Carolan and Anna McLeod