If you haven’t yet heard of Barry, let us introduce him. Barry starting bulking back in 1998 in West Hollywood, a time when the word detox and fitspo didn’t exist in the fitness vernacular. Barry was a fitness pioneer, a game-changer, sparking what we now know and are well-immersed in; the fitness revolution.

Obsessed with HIIT training? Blame Barry. It all began with a 55-minute High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), which he continues to champion today. The Barry’s workout incorporates 25 minutes of interval-based cardiovascular routines on treadmills, with a further 25 minutes of strength and conditioning using free weights, resistance bands and more, followed by a 5 minute cool down period. The Barry’s program is designed to tone muscle, incinerate fat by burning up to 1000 calories, and create a spike in metabolism for up to 48 hours after. The result? A “Barry’s body”. Svelte, toned and most importantly, fit.

With Hollywood in his blood, Barry is a cult-hero amongst high profile celebrities, top athletes and influential names alike. He’s the go-to guy for movie-like physiques; both buff and trim.

And now, you can meet, and train, with Barry. In Sydney, studios in Surry Hills, Martin Place and and another central location will open in September, whilst a studio in Melbourne is due early 2019.

Australian Barry will also boast his own Fuel Bar – offering bespoke, locally designed and nutritionally approved shakes and smoothies, the ultimate post-workout foodie pit-stop. Perhaps it comes with the territory (or name), but Barry is also quite the romantic. The sexy, signature Red Room features mood lighting (ooh-la-la), and to get the party started, uplifting music and inspirational instructors. An immersive, high-energy experience to get your heart racing and blood pumping.

And after you’ve worked up a sweat, retreat to the boutique change-rooms stocked with luxury grooming products to refresh.

Think of him like your fitness-concierge. A premium, elevated workout proposition just in time for the Australian summer. There’s even a range of athleisure and performance sportswear to cover your quads and caboose, so you’ll look the part, too.

We can’t wait to meet you, Baz.